Obagi Medical Skincare

On my quest for great skin, I went to see Dr. Elizabeth McRae in Boerne, TX.

I am of the age where I really need to start taking skincare more seriously, so I asked her what my options are.

I explained how tired I am of trying line after line that is supposed to be ‘amazing’ or ‘revolutionary’…and not seeing any results.

In a thick Southern accent she told me without pause that  if she had to… she would literally hock her wedding ring in order to buy… Obagi.

Huh.  Obagi?  Haven’t heard of it.

Never one to ignore such a strong statement (especially from a bonafide doctor), I scooped up this prescription strength skincare line.  (Cleanser, Vitamin C Serum, Moisturizer and Sunscreen)

I kid you not, within three days I noticed an improvement in my skin.  It glows!  I absolutely love it.

A month later, I’m still in love.

So, don’t walk, skip or hop… run to your dermatologist and beg for Obagi.

(You’ll thank me for this later.)

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