Everyday Women. Extraordinary Style.

Like many of you, I’m juggling a house, husband, kids, and a full-time job. I’m also struggling with many of the same issues. The biggest…? Finding time to tackle it all, and realizing it’s okay to put your needs first once in a while.

While I look far from perfect most days, I have perfected the art of easy, attainable style for busy, everyday women. It comes down to having the right pieces in your wardrobe and knowing how they work best on your body.

It is my mission to not only remind you that it is okay to take time for you, but also to help you achieve amazing style that is simple, affordable, and works for your size, shape and lifestyle.

Everyday women can have extraordinary style!

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Ladies, This Is What You Email Your Husband or Boyfriend… xo

This is the gift guide you want to send to your husband or significant other.

If yours is anything like mine… hints are NOT enough.

You need to be bold… like gold!

Your email should read something like this:

“Honey, if you are looking for holiday gift ideas, I really love everything in this gift guide.”

Or feel free to be even more specific…

“Sweetie, if you are looking for holiday gift ideas, I really love this watch by Karl Lagerfeld. It’s $250. xo”

This helps to ensure you don’t end up with an IOU (I get them all the time)…

OR a household appliance (One year I got a blender).

I’m just looking out for you, ladies!

Good luck… Erin xo









Check out Vince’s Camuto’s fuzzy sweaters!


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My Winter Boot Picks – (For Heavy Snow and City Living)

I KNOW how hard it is to look chic and still be functional in snowy, ice-y places… Trust me.

 I grew up in “Snowtown USA” AKA… Watertown, NY. It doesn’t get much snowier!

I also lived in NYC for many years and always walked to work.

You don’t necessarily have to live in a snowy place to need these. Don’t forget about your holiday or mid-winter break ski trip!

Here are my favorite fashionable and functional weather-proof options.

Some of these boots are meant for heavier snow (Sorel) and some are geared more for city life (Aquatalia & La Canadienne)


1.  NordstromWedge Aquatalia Tall Boots

2. Sorel | Conquest Carly (black)

3. Sorel | Sorel Women’s Joan Of Arctic Boot

4. La Canadienne | Berkley Wedge Tall Boots

5. AquataliaUlyssa Weatherproof Ankle Boot 



Thank you for supporting my business and ordering through my links. I make a small commission on your purchases. Again, thank you! Erin xo

40+ Fashions – How To Wear A Cropped Blazer

Don’t shy away from cropped blazers. They can be incredibly chic and cool! (and… great for petite ladies!) ***** STYLING NOTES: I opted to extend the length of my blazer by wearing a black T-shirt underneath. You can try this look below or mix it up and...

40+ Fashions – How To Look Glamorous At The Beach or Pool

I will fully admit there is NO way I could wear this swimsuit with my children. They would yank on it, and my tiny boobs would be out for all to see. Nope, definitely not practical for kiddos. BUT, a girl can dream…of the day that she and her husband take a...

Neiman Marcus Last Call Mega SALE!

Okay, my fellow budget shoppers… Listen up! Neiman Marcus‘ outlet store “Last Call” is practically giving stuff away in their ‘end-of-the-season’ mega sale. Designer clothes and accessories are up to 75% Off! This is a good one. I...

My Favorite Shorts Are On Sale!

My summer staple…? SHORTS. It is way too hot for pants here in south Texas. And, shorts enable me to tastefully perform all mom duties (without risk of over-exposure). I wear a this pair of shorts from JCrew at least twice a week (I own about six colors). They...

40+ Fashions – How To Wear A Jumpsuit

There is nothing easier, or more chic and sophisticated, than a GREAT fitting jumpsuit! You don’t have to worry about what to pair with it… like you do with separates. Just throw it on, add some accessories, and go! I will admit the ‘undressing to go...

What Exactly Is “LikeToKnow.It”?

I get it. I totally do. The LAST thing you want to do is sign up for ANOTHER social media-like website. It seems like there are too many to keep up with as it is. But, please hear me out with “LikeToKnow.It”. This is a website that enables you to SHOP all...
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