Look Like You Have Your Act Together

(…Even If You Don’t)

Like many of you, I’m juggling a house, husband, kids, and a full-time job. I’m also struggling with many of the same issues. The biggest…? Finding time to tackle it all, and realizing it’s okay to put your needs first once in a while.

While I look far from perfect most days, I have perfected the art of easy, attainable style for busy, everyday women. It comes down to having the right pieces in your wardrobe and knowing how they work best on your body.

It is my mission to not only remind you that it is okay to take time for you, but also to help you achieve amazing style that is simple, affordable, and works for your size, shape and lifestyle.

You can look like you have your act together (even if you don’t)!


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BusbeeStyle Sale Email

BusbeeStyle Sale Email This week here are some of the most exciting SALES and my PICKS! Happy Shopping! Erin xo __________ ELAINETURNER.COM CLICK HERE Up To 45% Off Sale Items! Extra 25% off all shoes with code “SHOEDASH” Turn on your JavaScript to view content Tall cognac... read more

VIDEO: How To Wear Shorts Over 40 | BusbeeStyle TV

VIDEO: How To Wear Shorts Over 40 | BusbeeStyle TV It’s tricky, ladies. It’s tricky. Long gone are the days of just being able to throw on anything and walk out the door. You have to be smart and strategic about shorts. Here are some guidelines/questions to ask yourself regarding shorts over 40: 1) Do the... read more

How To Wear A Tuxedo-Inspired Look (For Women)

How To Wear A Tuxedo-Inspired Look (For Women) Every once in a while, you’ve got to mix things up. I love to wear practical, functional and stylish clothes (most of the time). But, I also love to push the envelope. Part of why I love fashion… You can express yourself in so many different ways, without... read more

BusbeeStyle Pick Of The Week | Pink Top

BusbeeStyle Pick Of The Week | Pink Top   The “BusbeeStyle Pick of the Week” is… this graphic pink lace TANK  | Ann Taylor, $54! This top is just simple and lovely. It’s my go-to with a pair or white jeans. It may seem a little pricey at $54, but you all know Ann Taylor will... read more

BusbeeStyle Sale Email | Shop The Headline & Haul VIDEO

  Watch the VIDEO above to find out the latest BusbeeStyle headlines, AND see shopping finds BEFORE they hit the blog! Keep scrolling to shop video & sales! Thank you so much for stopping by… Erin xo __________ Suede Skirt (Regular) CLICK HERE Suede... read more

Stylish “Comfort” Sandals & Shoes | BusbeeStyle

My dear gentle soles… the moment you’ve been waiting for…by popular demand… my COMFORT shoe picks! Every pair of sandals, heels and shoes is listed under the “COMFORT” category. And, that means they are …you guessed it…... read more

How To Wear A Full Skirt

  For those of you who watch my YouTube channel, BusbeeStyle TV, you may recognize this skirt. I bought it from ChicWish… it’s a new store (to me) that I’m really loving at the moment. The prices are affordable, and the quality is decent. This... read more

BusbeeStyle Pick Of The Week | Shorts!

MY PICK:   The “BusbeeStyle Pick of the Week” is… these “Chino” shorts | JCrew, $34.99! Use code “SHOPSALE” for extra 25% off! After 40, shorts are like frenemies. You love them because they are functional, and keep you... read more

What I Wore & Why | BusbeeStyle TV

  “What I Wore & Why” Sometimes I create looks that are more editorial and ‘fashion-y’ for the blog and Instagram… While I love to get creative, I realize these looks are not necessarily practical for our everyday lives.... read more
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