Free Chic Handbag

Attention my fellow San Antonian beauty lovers:

This weekend at Neiman Marcus, if you pick up your favorite fragrance  you get hundreds of dollars worth of free loot!!

Neiman's Beauty Giveaway

First, you get a super chic olive green tote with a shearling liner  (color and shearling VERY on trend for fall – see photo left).

You also get a bunch of beauty products (my fave is Nars orgasm illuminator).

And seriously who isn’t a sucker for freebees? Love em’!!  

Swing by the store at La Cantera anytime this weekend to get the goods. 

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If you have skin like mine (uber dry), you’re constantly on the hunt for a lotion or potion that will really add moisture.

I’ve found three products that I think actually accomplish this feat:

Kirkland/Borghese Facial Lotion

1) Boughese (Kirkland)

This is so affordable for such a reputable brand and wonderful product.  It’s around 20 bucks, but right now there’s a sale at Costco so it’s $12.99.

Star Flower SkinDance Facial Moisturizer

It’s also a huge bottle so you get a lotta cream for the cash.

2) SkinDance Facial Oil Moisturizer

Before I got married I actually took the time to get facials. Ahhh, those were the days.  I went to a Japanese facialist on the Upper West Side of NYC who recommended this product for my skin.  I loved it so much I recommended it to my mom, sister and friends.  The only issue with this now is that I live in Texas and I can’t stomach paying the shipping (it’s like $10 bucks).  Why would something so small cost so much to ship?  Anyway, it smells great and definitely goes a long way in adding moisture to your dry skin.  It’s worth the $40 price tag.  Put two drops in the palm of your hand and mix with your regular face lotion.  You can also wear alone.

3) Clinique Youth Surge Age Decelerating Moisturizer (Very Dry to Dry)

I bought this at the duty free shop in the airport before a trip to London. I wanted something I could slather on that would keep my skin hydrated during that long flight.  This did the job and then some! It’s a great moisturizer that includes SPF which is especially helpful in the lone star state.  The only drawback is that it moisturizes so well you’re skin will be super shiny.  I would dab powder or use a blotting paper on your forehead and nose to tone down the shine.   This one is a little pricier at $48 dollars.

If none of these work…try Crisco.

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Benefit's Speed Brow

I saw a little blurb in Lucky Magazine about this product by Benefit called “Speed Brow.”

My Blonde Brows

I am a natural blond and my eyebrows are sooo light that I’m perpetually looking for a way to darken them.  You can imagine my excitement when I saw this product!

I’ve tried the Anastacia pencil to darken/fill-in the brow and it’s works really well, but I feel like I’m always sharpening the pencil.  And, if I’m a little heavy handed I have to rub some off with a Q-tip otherwise it will scream, “I penciled these puppies in!”

Speed Brow darkens them but in a VERY subtle, natural way.  It’s also a mascara wand so no need for sharpening.

I feel the need, the need for Speed… brow.  (Sorry, can’t resist a TG reference)

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Hello to all my paste-y white friends…

As you can see (left), I’m so white, I make Powder look tan.  I need your help to get glowing!! 

I’m looking for the best SUNLESS tanners of the bunch.

Please comment or email… and let me  know which gel, cream, mist or mousse you think works best. 

Factors to consider:  Smell, streaking, affordabilty, ease of use

I’ll be featuring the results on TV this month!!


Erin Busbee

Busbee Style


Megan Fox - Perfect Brows!

“The eyebrows frame your face”.  That’s  something you may have heard before because… it’s true!  Not only do they frame your face, they are one of the first things people see and they open up and define your eyes. 

BUT, often there are brow-tastrophes. 

Like the following:


1) Wooly Beast

Do you think it’s sophisticated or chic when you see a lady with caveman brows?  Or God forbid the Frida? These are the native brows, never before tamed by the hands of professionals. If you are the owner of said brows, please stop scaring small children and clean them up!  


2) Paper Thin

The reverse problem is just as bad, over-plucked!  The paper thin, anorexic eyebrow.  Poor things. Why do people go to this extreme.  If that describes your brows…first – STOP.  Second – grow them out.  You can speed this up by buying a lash grower and put the serum on your brows every morning and night before bed.  Then, (when they’ve grown back) visit a professional.  

Brown Alignment

3) Baby Brow

Another common brow-tastophe…when you pluck too far inward, hence creating the itty bitty baby brow.  Ah, isn’t it cute? NO!  You should be able to hold a pencil straight against your nose and  line it up with the edge of your brow.  If the brow is short of the pencil, grow em’.  Got it? 

4) Holey Brow!

The fourth and final brow blunder is the one with chunks taken out and/or blatant holes.  Kinda like the Beirut of brows (guilty of this one myself).  Ladies, you fix this beauty disaster by using a great brow pencil.  I suggest the Anastacia Universal Brown Pencil.     Or the Perfect Brow Pencil (also by Anastacia, pictured above)

So now that we have those covered, let’s talk about fixing the problems.  

Here are the two options:

Ulta/Benefit Brow Bar

1) Brow Bar

Ulta Beauty (at The Rim) and Benefit Cosmetics have teamed up to bring you the brow bar.  You can set up an appointment to consult with a brow specialist.   They will ask you (in very clear English) what you want to do with your brows before dipping anything in wax. 


2) Threading 

I prefer this to waxing because it doesn’t pull off those tiny hairs on your face.  Everytime I wax there is a clear marker between the waxed and unwaxed part above my eye.  (I might be hairier than most).  Threading hurts about the same.  I recommend visiting Monie and JcPenny Salon at the Rim.  Yes, I meant to write JcPenny.  You’re not there to shop so don’t worry about it. 

I suggest visiting above professionals for regular maintenance and/or if you’re a brow virgin. 

In other words, unless you’re really skilled at plucking, don’t try this at home.

Okay, I’m done brow beating.

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