A celeb fave and one of the best sellers at Nordstrom, Xen-Ten’s Absolute Luxe Dark Tanning Lotion is kind of the new kid on the block.  The Dallas based company released it just over a year ago (2009) so there’s not a ton of ratings or reviews about this product.  I asked a friend to try it out.  I also tested it.  Here’s what we found:

Smell:  Very pleasant smell.  Doesn’t smell like typical sunless tanners

Application:  Tinted cream so easy to see where you apply it.  Goes on green, but turns into dark tan.

Color:  Golden brown color.  If you’re going to be walking a red carpet showing off your gams (like Jennifer Aniston right), this is THE product.  For a subtle, everyday color.. not so much.  (Although, my friend Jennifer would disagree, she loves it!) 

Streaking: Streaks at first and you think it’s going to be awful, then you take a shower and it’s soooo much better. Be careful around ankles and knees (as always)

Overall:  Great product!  Would definitely have on hand for special occasions.  Works on every skin tone. 

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