1950′S SKIRT

This fall, the welcome return of the 1950′s full skirt!  It’s ladylike, super sophisticated and ideal for curvy and petite women alike.  (Think Grace Kelly or the TV series Mad Men.) 

No doubt we’ll see tons of full skirts as fall merchandise hits the stores, but here’s one fab find (from Newport News) to get you going on your new fall fashions.   

This full, black skirt is not only chic, it’s affordable ($50) and even has a built-in tummy slimming waistband.  

A real super skirt…saving women everywhere!

(Of note:  to utilitze slimming band, buy a true size or even a size smaller.)

 For more help with your fall wardrobe, check out Busbee Style. 


A “jegging” is like a skinny jean on steroids.  SUPER skinny!

The jean/legging hybrid looks like a jean, but fits and feels like a legging.

Genius, really.

J Brand Jegging

J Brand makes an awesome pair of dark wash jeggings that will carry you into the fall/winter season (on sale right now at Antropologie). I know it’s early to think about fall, but if you’re going to invest in pieces now, best to pick things that will work in the cooler months.  The jegging is GREAT with fall boots, especially for the larger calved ladies because there isn’t as much material to tuck in.

Fragile Jegging

For budget fashionistas, check out the pair I bought recently by Fragile (right).  These are half the cost of the J Brand jeggings and just as flattering.  They cost around 30 dollars.

I bought mine at Off Fifth, but you can also pick them up at Kohls, or Sears (believe it or not!) Of note:  the pair from Kohl’s has dark blue stitching, while Sears’ pair has white, more visible stitching.

Silk Kaftan Blouse

I think (if worn correctly) these can be a clever addition to many a wardrobe. If you are worried about how tight the jeggings are and feel a little self-conscious…simply sport em’ with a longer knit/blouse that covers up your hips and cheeks (like Kaftan silk blouse pictured left).