1950′S SKIRT

This fall, the welcome return of the 1950′s full skirt!  It’s ladylike, super sophisticated and ideal for curvy and petite women alike.  (Think Grace Kelly or the TV series Mad Men.) 

No doubt we’ll see tons of full skirts as fall merchandise hits the stores, but here’s one fab find (from Newport News) to get you going on your new fall fashions.   

This full, black skirt is not only chic, it’s affordable ($50) and even has a built-in tummy slimming waistband.  

A real super skirt…saving women everywhere!

(Of note:  to utilitze slimming band, buy a true size or even a size smaller.)

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A trend you can enlist in this fall is … military!

You can find everything from jackets to skirts to pants to boots with some roots in the armed forces.

Giuseppe Zanotti Camo Pump

Take these camo pumps for example.  Did you ever think we’d see the day?

Here in Texas, no doubt there are a few ladies (and husbands) hailing the camo trend. (Just be careful not to get shot!)

Ralph Lauren Black Label

I love the idea of taking a really feminine piece (dress) and making a little tougher by buying it in army green.  Check out the one I bought on sale by Ralph Lauren Black Label.  One of the first comments I received while wearing it was … “very Cate Blanchett.”  She’s the epitome of edgy elegance and that’s how I would ultimately describe my style.

Other ways to take command of this trend:  cargo pants, army green skirts and/or a utility jacket.

If you wear the pants or skirt, be sure to glam up the look a little with your shoes and accessories.  For example, if you wear a fun, military green cargo pant, roll up the bottom and pair them with a cognac colored pump.  A plain white T or button down is just fine.  Again, make sure you dress it up with a great necklace(s) and/or bracelets.

Try a fun and feminine blouse with your green skirt and definitely mix your utility jacket with something frilly (lace & ruffles).

Now, forward…march, on this trend!

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Michael Kors Over the Knee Boot

KNEE HIGHS or even higher!

They are super hot and still kicking around this fall.  But, how do you wear these badass boots??

Here are my stylish suggestions:

1) Wear over skinny jeans

With this look, just make sure that if your boots are black, the jeans are a contrasting color. You don’t want the boots to look like part of the denim.  Pick a blue that’s light enough for your boots to stand out.  If you opt for a brown, camel or gray pair like these (left) by Michael Kors, super dark denim is just fine and super chic!

2) Wear with a skirt

OTK w/ Tights

You kinda have to rock these with an above the knee skirt or mini skirt, otherwise what’s the point?  BUT, (this is a big but) make sure if you wear a mini, you wear tights or stockings (see pics on left).  The hose will tone it down a little so you don’t look like a hooker. Ya know what I’m saying? Sassy, good. Sex for sale, Not so much! OR, you can wear a flat, more casual pair of OTK boots to tone down the mini.

Equestrian Chic

3) Wear with camel riding pants or slouchy trousers

A really edgy, equestrian chic look is to pair your over the knee boots with a pair of camel colored riding pants (THE color for fall). Button this look up with an ivory silk tie neck blouse like the one pictured (left), or a cashmere, sleeveless sweater.

Let these statement-making kicks help you unleash your inner “Pretty Woman!” (Well… to a certain point.)

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