Camel Cape

I’ve been waiting to post anything about capes because I really haven’t seen any that are priced in what I would call the “affordable range.”

That is, until now. 

And, let me preface this by saying it’s still VERY expensive. 

But, for a classic, cashmere, luxury piece…sometimes we can treat ourselves (or start our Christmas/Hanukkah lists). 

This effortless and elegant cape  by new designer,  Nick Friedberg sells for $375 (don’t curse at me, I said it was still expensive!) 

Intermix is selling a few of his menswear pieces including the uber chic cape

… You’re super.  Why not wear your cape?

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1950′S SKIRT

This fall, the welcome return of the 1950′s full skirt!  It’s ladylike, super sophisticated and ideal for curvy and petite women alike.  (Think Grace Kelly or the TV series Mad Men.) 

No doubt we’ll see tons of full skirts as fall merchandise hits the stores, but here’s one fab find (from Newport News) to get you going on your new fall fashions.   

This full, black skirt is not only chic, it’s affordable ($50) and even has a built-in tummy slimming waistband.  

A real super skirt…saving women everywhere!

(Of note:  to utilitze slimming band, buy a true size or even a size smaller.)

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