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Gucci Boots

Gotta love Gucci!  Especially the designer’s shoes.  (With the exception of the ones clearly displaying the Gucci logo.  Tacky!)

My fellow sole sisters will appreciate these suede ankle boots (left).

They are so incredibly versatile for the upcoming season.   They’re a classic cut, shape and height, not to mention the color.  The color camel is THE color for fall!

Banana Republic Boot

Chloe Fall 2010 Runway

These are perfect for creating that monochromatic look (pictured left) with a light trouser or skirt.

You can also try mixing up the colors by wearing bold tights with another color skirt.  (But, keep in mind monochromatic makes you look longer).

Here’s a more affordable alternative by Banana Republic (right). They are beige instead of camel so a slight difference in color, but a BIG difference in price at $180 bucks!

Try em’  You’ll love em’!

Besides, your black boots need a break.

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Michael Kors Cashmere Maxi

There are sooo many different hemlines to choose from… mini’s…knee-length…below the knee (50′s) and now the maxi!

It can be very confusing.  Which length is most flattering on which body type? How short is too short?

So, I’m going to break it down.

1) Mini Skirts:

Forget that whole you can’t wear minis after 35 rule.  Listen, I know you saw this rule on “What Not To Wear” and it applies in many cases, but as long as you have great legs, go for it!  BUT, make sure the skirt is no shorter than your middle finger when you hang your arm to your side.  Any shorter than that and you are entering the hooker zone.   I wouldn’t recommend a mini to anyone who is overweight.  If you want to wear a mini, but are worried about flaws on your legs you can either try a sunless tanner (St. Tropez sunless tanning mousse) or wear tights.

NOTE: If you’re going for the short skirt and showing off your gams, I would wear something more conservative on top i.e. a long sleeved blouse or a turtle-neck sweater.  I have a 1 naked body part rule.

2) Knee-length:

The most universally flattering length.  This is your go-to skirt length.  It flatters every height and every body type.  It is also always the most office appropriate!  With this length, give or take an inch.  If it’s a inch above, fine.  This is actually preferred if you’re on the petite side.  Inch below is also fine.  You can wear so much with the knee length skirt:  A blouse, shell and blazer, sweater, etc.

Louis Vuitton Fall 2010

3) Below the Knee:

1950′s Style!  This skirt is really on trend for fall.  It’s flirty and fun!  It’s a wonderful length and shape for curvy ladies.  Not to mention it’s incredibly ladylike and sophisticated.  I wouldn’t recommend this length if you’re trying to snare a man (see Minis).  But, it’s great for work and a demure night out! Pair with a cardigan and shell, an off the shoulder knit or just a really soft and pretty cashmere, short-sleeved sweater.  Don’t forget the skinny waist belt, structured handbag and pointed toe shoes!

4) Maxi Skirt:

These floor skimming, Muslim friendly skirts are tough to pull off, especially for shorter women.  I think it’s meant for tall, slim, bohemian type women and that’s about it.  One wrong move and you can go from sporting a fresh, fall trend to looking like you’ve busted out a burka.  Exercise caution with this length.  (Not recommended for work or attracting the male population.)

Basically, don’t hesitate to hem it up (or down) this fall.

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If you have skin like mine (uber dry), you’re constantly on the hunt for a lotion or potion that will really add moisture.

I’ve found three products that I think actually accomplish this feat:

Kirkland/Borghese Facial Lotion

1) Boughese (Kirkland)

This is so affordable for such a reputable brand and wonderful product.  It’s around 20 bucks, but right now there’s a sale at Costco so it’s $12.99.

Star Flower SkinDance Facial Moisturizer

It’s also a huge bottle so you get a lotta cream for the cash.

2) SkinDance Facial Oil Moisturizer

Before I got married I actually took the time to get facials. Ahhh, those were the days.  I went to a Japanese facialist on the Upper West Side of NYC who recommended this product for my skin.  I loved it so much I recommended it to my mom, sister and friends.  The only issue with this now is that I live in Texas and I can’t stomach paying the shipping (it’s like $10 bucks).  Why would something so small cost so much to ship?  Anyway, it smells great and definitely goes a long way in adding moisture to your dry skin.  It’s worth the $40 price tag.  Put two drops in the palm of your hand and mix with your regular face lotion.  You can also wear alone.

3) Clinique Youth Surge Age Decelerating Moisturizer (Very Dry to Dry)

I bought this at the duty free shop in the airport before a trip to London. I wanted something I could slather on that would keep my skin hydrated during that long flight.  This did the job and then some! It’s a great moisturizer that includes SPF which is especially helpful in the lone star state.  The only drawback is that it moisturizes so well you’re skin will be super shiny.  I would dab powder or use a blotting paper on your forehead and nose to tone down the shine.   This one is a little pricier at $48 dollars.

If none of these work…try Crisco.

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Benefit's Speed Brow

I saw a little blurb in Lucky Magazine about this product by Benefit called “Speed Brow.”

My Blonde Brows

I am a natural blond and my eyebrows are sooo light that I’m perpetually looking for a way to darken them.  You can imagine my excitement when I saw this product!

I’ve tried the Anastacia pencil to darken/fill-in the brow and it’s works really well, but I feel like I’m always sharpening the pencil.  And, if I’m a little heavy handed I have to rub some off with a Q-tip otherwise it will scream, “I penciled these puppies in!”

Speed Brow darkens them but in a VERY subtle, natural way.  It’s also a mascara wand so no need for sharpening.

I feel the need, the need for Speed… brow.  (Sorry, can’t resist a TG reference)

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BCBG Max Azria

I love this new style of ring!  (Kinda like armor for your finger.) 

It says sophistication AND sizzle.  It’s fun, super chic and statement making without taking a huge risk.

The one pictured left is by BCBG and sells for $88 bucks. 

…A small price to pay for a conversation starter. 


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My husband is a professional traveler.  He’s traveled around the world and then some.  I’ve traveled, but not like him.  He’s a pro.  And as he says, “real travelers” DON’T check bags.  They carry on.  Yuk.

There are major advantages to this, you save time, money and you don’t run the risk of losing luggage.  However, it is always such a challenge for me, especially when you’re talking about a trip to London in the summer when the temps can be anywhere from 50 to 80. 

Vacuum Travel Bag

Here are some quick an easy packing tips:  

1) Buy reusable vacuum packed bags for small items – these will shrink your bras, undies, swimsuits, socks and tights and take all the air out so you save space.  The reusable part is essential so you can get everything back home. 

2) Stick with one color theme – What I try to do is pack all black or all brown accessories.  I usually select black.  For example, I pack a black trench coat, black booties, black sandals and I pack clothes that will work with black. 

3) Limit shoes  – Now if you’re a size 10, you’re going to have to seriously limit the number of pairs of shoes you can bring to– two,  maybe three.  Sizes five – eight can probably get away with four.  (Assuming one pair is flip flops/ballet flats or flat sandals.) I always have to bring sneakers (just in case I get the urge to run) The other two pairs are:  one closed toe comfy bootie and one open toe casual to dressy sandal (usually a wedge). 

Carry On Bag

4) Pack the garment bag – I REALLY jam this sucker with as much as it will take.  I put all my hanging clothes and pants and blouses…basically all my clothes) inside the garment bag.  Don’t use hangers otherwise you can only fit a few items.  NOTE:  If you don’t have a carry on that has an enclosed garment bag…Buy one! 

5) Liquids - Since we are so limited on our liquids, here are some ways to make the most of your quart bag.  Pack a solid deodorant.  Skip shampoo (the hotel will have it).  Only pack conditioner.  Bring one small bottle of face lotion with SPF and another 3 ounce bottle of sunscreen.  I usually bring my liquid foundation. (I just don’t like powders.) Pack a small tube of toothpaste and that should just about be it.  If you have some extra room, bring your eye cream or toner. 

6) Skip hairdryer – make sure the hotel has one.  If you want to bring a curling iron or straightening iron, invest in a travel size.  They’re inexpensive and save space.  

Carry Large Handbag

6) BIG handbag – the larger your handbag, the more room you’ll have to carry things like:  cameras, toiletries, books, magazines, snacks, etc. 

Of note:  If you’re booked on a full-flight and have no chance of getting on the plane in the first three groups, you’re probably going to have a tough time finding space in the overhead bin near your seat.  It might not be worth it.  BUT, you can always inquire about gate checking if there’s no space in overhead bins.  When you gate check, they take your bag and give it back to you at the destination gate (Not baggage claim) so you get it immediately after de-planing. 

I know it’ll take a little time and preparation to travel light, but it’s worth it. 

…Carry on! 

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Hello to all my paste-y white friends…

As you can see (left), I’m so white, I make Powder look tan.  I need your help to get glowing!! 

I’m looking for the best SUNLESS tanners of the bunch.

Please comment or email… and let me  know which gel, cream, mist or mousse you think works best. 

Factors to consider:  Smell, streaking, affordabilty, ease of use

I’ll be featuring the results on TV this month!!


Erin Busbee

Busbee Style


Michael Kors Over the Knee Boot

KNEE HIGHS or even higher!

They are super hot and still kicking around this fall.  But, how do you wear these badass boots??

Here are my stylish suggestions:

1) Wear over skinny jeans

With this look, just make sure that if your boots are black, the jeans are a contrasting color. You don’t want the boots to look like part of the denim.  Pick a blue that’s light enough for your boots to stand out.  If you opt for a brown, camel or gray pair like these (left) by Michael Kors, super dark denim is just fine and super chic!

2) Wear with a skirt

OTK w/ Tights

You kinda have to rock these with an above the knee skirt or mini skirt, otherwise what’s the point?  BUT, (this is a big but) make sure if you wear a mini, you wear tights or stockings (see pics on left).  The hose will tone it down a little so you don’t look like a hooker. Ya know what I’m saying? Sassy, good. Sex for sale, Not so much! OR, you can wear a flat, more casual pair of OTK boots to tone down the mini.

Equestrian Chic

3) Wear with camel riding pants or slouchy trousers

A really edgy, equestrian chic look is to pair your over the knee boots with a pair of camel colored riding pants (THE color for fall). Button this look up with an ivory silk tie neck blouse like the one pictured (left), or a cashmere, sleeveless sweater.

Let these statement-making kicks help you unleash your inner “Pretty Woman!” (Well… to a certain point.)

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