L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Gelee – $10

I tried this and I asked my friend, Mona to test it out.  Here’s what we thought:

Smell:  It’s not horrible, but definitely gives a distinct sunless tanner smell.  Kinda gaggy.

Application: It’s tinted so you can easily see where to apply it.  It also gives you instant color which is nice especially if you put it on in the morning.  It does leave skin feeling pretty tight and dry, not exactly super moisturizing.  Make sure you buff joints with a dark washcloth after application to avoid streaking.

Color: It adds instant color and sparkle!  And, it gives you a really natural golden glow after just one application.  (Mona hated the glitter.  Thinks it’s more appropriate for a 10-year old girl.  But, she did admit to liking the color.)

Streaking: It’ll streak so try and exercise caution when applying.

Overall: TOP TWO of drugstore brands (The other being Jergens Natural Glow)  A great product for the money.

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