How To Wear A Statement Coat

This is a really important topic, because I think a lot of us ladies shy away from buying anything that makes a bold statement …out of fear.

Many of us look at something that stands out (bib necklace, handbag, pumps, blazer, coat), and we have NO idea how to wear it.

Here is the VERY simple styling secret: When in doubt keep everything else neutral!

For example, check out my look below.

I’m wearing this gorgeous “Dutchess” jacquard coat by Alice + Olvia … And everything else is black.

When you have a piece that makes this much of a statement, let it actually make the statement.

If you wear other prints or other bold colors, it will only distract from your beautiful statement piece.

In this look, the coat IS the outfit.  It’s a stunning piece to add to your coat collection.

(I do realize Texas isn’t exactly the ideal climate for a coat collection, but I have an obsession with coats, and can’t stop buying them. Besides…I travel! ;))

I also fully admit this coat is also a bit imperial (Hello, “King & I”) And… a touch dramatic… but GOOD dramatic.

The bottom line is… it makes me happy, and when it comes to style, that’s what matters most!

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Jacquard Coat

Black Pants

Black Booties, Saks, Similar Here

Gold Earrings

Black Sunglasses, Celine, Similar Here



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