BusbeeStyle Pick Of The Week | Shorts!

These are the 5″ inseam shorts (above)



The “BusbeeStyle Pick of the Week” is… these “Chino” shorts | JCrew, $34.99!

Use code “SHOPSALE” for extra 25% off!

After 40, shorts are like frenemies.

You love them because they are functional, and keep you cool.

But you dislike them because they show every flaw in your now 40-year old legs.

Seriously, can someone explain to me what happens to the back of your knees?

What IS that?

Oh, and where did cellulite on the FRONT of your legs come from?

I was still working on a fix for the cellulite in the back when that showed up…

The best thing you can do is to find a pair of shorts that works best for YOUR body.

What I love about these shorts by J.Crew, they come in varying inseam lengths…so there is a hemline for everyone.



– They Are Comfortable

I think every week “COMFORT” is  feature #1. I want to be comfortable and functional.

Long gone are the days of wearing sky high painful heels for unnecessary stretches. I’m much more practical now.

That said, I haven’t crossed over to the ‘I don’t care’ zone. I still want to look I have my act together ;).

These are lower rise shorts. They sit just above hip bones.

They are quite comfy, but will definitely require a billowy, longer top, or forgiving t-shirt. I wouldn’t wear anything too fitted with these.

– They Come In Multiple Rises / Lengths


How awesome is that?? If you’re petite like me, go with a 3 or 4″ inseam. Taller? Try 5″ or 7.”

Feeling self-conscious about wearing shorts? Try Bermuda length!

They also offer these shorts in up to size 16. (More plus size options below)


 – They Wash Well


I bought five pairs of these shorts last year.

I wear them around the house on weekends and once in a while I wear them while running errands.

These are a casual summer staple. Mine have all washed well and held up well.

– They Are Affordable


They are on sale right now for $34.99.  You may find less expensive shorts, but they won’t offer lengths, quality and colors.

– Styling Notes


If you are not happy with your legs and don’t feel comfortable showing that much skin, there is no rule saying you have to wear shorts.

Skirts and long dresses are another way to stay functional and cool.

CLICK HERE to check out some of my full skirt picks.

To make legs look longer in shorts, opt for nude or metallic wedges.


 CLICK HERE (or image) to buy the shorts

Use code “SHOPSALE” for extra 25% off!


3 inch inseam, CLICK HERE

4 inch inseam, CLICK HERE

5 inch inseam, CLICK HERE

7 inch inseam, CLICK HERE

Bermuda Length, CLICK HERE

Plus Size Options


I also really like shorts from Ann Taylor Loft. CLICK HERE to check out LOFT shorts.

They run REALLY big, so order two sizes down. Seriously, two sizes. That means if you are a 6, order a 2.



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