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The “BusbeeStyle Pick of the Week” is… this black turtleneck  | Nordstrom, $199!

CLICK HERE for Jean Paul Gautier turtleneck on SALE ($199 from $345).

 I know what you are thinking…

WHY is she showing us turtlenecks in the middle of summer???

And, why would I pay $199 for a turtleneck??

I hear you. Stay with me.

I’m showing you this now because it’s only on sale one more day!

It goes from $199 to $345 on Monday.

And, I think when you keep reading (below) you’ll understand why I believe it’s worth the $$$.


– I Love the Fabric

This turtleneck is made out of tulle which is incredibly lightweight and breathable.

When you live in the heat, you need layering pieces that breathe well

If you live in a hot climate, or are prone to sweating, this is the turtleneck for you!

Textured Sleeves

I’m a big fan of layering in the fall/winter season. Living in south Texas, I definitely have to find lightweight layering pieces, but additionally, I LOVE the sleeves of this turtleneck.

It will look fabulous under a sleeveless dress, vest, cardigan. I can easily add this to a sleeveless LBD (little black dress) to create a whole new look and dress!

 – It works alone

Many layering pieces are GREAT under sweaters, capes, ponchos, wraps, vests, etc. But few can stand alone.

This piece looks just as chic alone, as it would under a blanket wrap.

 – Covers your neck

My neck isn’t a huge problem yet, but I’m definitely noticing changes as a I get a bit older.

This is something Diane Keaton has been aware of for decades, a turtleneck hides an aging neck.

 – It’s a basic

You can wear this piece with so many things, flared jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, full skirt, leather, suede or tweed skirt, under a wrap, v-neck, chunky cable knit, cardigan, vest, moto jacket, or sleeveless dress.

 – Styling Notes

Wear with flared jeans like I’m wearing. If you don’t have a pair, you may want to look at these (CLICK HERE) from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I would buy them if I didn’t already have three pairs of flares.

It is tight-fitting so if you carry a bit of weight in the tummy, you may want to wear a Yummie Tummie tank or Spanx tank underneath (when wearing alone).


 CLICK HERE to shop the Nordstrom Sale

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I know you are SO sick of hearing about it,

But I just want to make sure you got what you needed for fall.


A lot of things are sold out. I tried to weed things out that are no longer available, but I may have missed one or two.

If you have any questions, email me: [email protected]



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Thank you so much! Erin xo


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  1. As always, you look beautiful, in that sweater.. It is so pretty, but you make it much prettier! 🙂 Unfortunately, we are poor folks.. lol I think that sweater probably costs more than everything in my closet, put together!! lololol I love all your blogs, pics, and videos, Erin.. And ,the pics of your little ones are always so adorable . Is your hubby on tv?? He just looks SO familiar! Thanks again! Love u Jill xxoo.

  2. Beautiful top! 🙂 It already says it’s unavailable when I click the link… great picks go quick!!

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