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In the VIDEO above, I walk you through my New Year resolutions. 
It basically boils down to 3 things:

1) Healthier Eating and Exercise
2) Kindness
3) More Impactful Content

As promised in the video, I wanted to go through some of the Tracy Anderson information for those of you who are interested.

If you are just getting started with Tracy Anderson, the “Mat DVD” is a good place to test the waters.
It’s a great all-around workout that you can break up into sections.

Here’s another good starter DVD, “The Method: For Beginners” 

If you just had a baby (within last year) I would highly recommend, “The Post Pregnancy Workout.”
It’s especially great if you had a c-section and lost most of your stomach muscles. It will help you build them back up.

I’m doing “The Method” – here is the set of DVD’s to get you started on the Method:
Tracy Anderson Method

If you are not sure what body type to order, Tracy has a quiz you can take to help. I started with abcentric and switched to glucentric after month 3.

If you want to keep going after your first 3 months, you can enroll in her continuity program.

You can also try her new streaming service. I prefer not to stream because the workouts are so long (more than 1 hour).

Let me know if you have any questions…

Erin xo



Here is my Metamorphosis review:

Here is my continuity review:


Here is my streaming review:

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  1. I turn 55 in May. Just over two years ago I did not have the strength to get up off the floor. IT was a wake up moment for me. I started training the next day. Now I train 5 days a week. One day a week with a private trainer. I have lost 85-90 pounds and I have never felt stronger. The good part about getting healthy is anyone can do it at any age.

  2. My resolution this year is to be thankful every single day no matter what. I am 22 days and so far so good!

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