Tips To Help Organize Your Home


So many of you have asked me how I keep things in order at home with two little ones.
Let’s be perfectly clear, I do not deep clean my house.
I have it cleaned once a month…Best money spent!

But, cleaning does not mean, picking up.
Picking up and staying organized is a whole other thing.

First, I have to constantly remind my children to pick up after themselves. 
It is maddening. Like beating my head against a wall.
And, sure it would be less time consuming to just pick it up myself, but I think this will pay off long term.

Just last night, my son, Gage, picked up his dirty laundry last night, unprompted. It was like a little miracle. I almost cried. 
I think my persistence is finally paying off.

Anywho… I wanted to share some of the systems that we use… that are working!
Hopefully you can modify these ideas so they work for your family, living space and budget.

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