Splurge vs Steal 2

Splurge vs. steal 

I compare one high-end designer product with its more affordable counterpart.
You can see from the photos (above) that these are pretty exact in terms of appearance.
In some cases it may be worth ‘splurging’ on the higher end version, depending on your budget.

I haven’t ordered the faux Chloe bag, but I’ve seen lots of bloggers carrying them.
The real deal is quite lovely.

The shoes will look almost exactly the same. 
And, the Aqua dress from Bloomingdales will also be a great dupe. Aqua is a solid brand.

Simply click the [+] sign for product information.

Let me know what you think of Splurge vs steal. 
They are so fun for me to put together!


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  1. Love this post!! Schutz vs. Steve Madden….I’m still debating =) both are lovely.

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