Ten Wearable Spring Fashion Trends 2017 | VIDEO

Each season, there are always a LOT of new fashion trends.
It can be REALLY overwhelming.
Let me start by saying under no circumstance do you NEED to buy trends.
You can collect high-quality, classic pieces and wear them no matter the season and year.
It is wonderful, though, to have some modern, fresh pieces each season.

“To make the trends less overwhelming, I’ve researched and rounded up the TEN MOST WEARABLE FASHION TRENDS for this season!”

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1) Show Some Shoulder

spring fashion trends 2017 busbeestyle picks, top ten wearable fashion trends

An exposed shoulder(s) is still going VERY strong this season…
AND it is probably one of the easiest trend for women of all ages to try!
If you want to update the look, buy a piece that is one-shoulder or cold shoulder.
The off-shoulder is still very IN style too!

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LOTS more stylish shoulder options here.

Off shoulder tops from Amazon Fashion here.


2) Statement Stripes

Wearable spring fashion trends 2017 on busbeestyle with fashion blogger and youtuber erin busbee

Bold, rainbow, nautical… stripes are still very much on trend this season!
Bold and rainbow stripes are quite difficult to pull off.
I gave you some options below that I think make it easier.

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More stripes from Net-a-Porter here.


3) Killer Khaki

Spring fashion trends 2017

We are not talking ordinary chinos here.
Today’s khaki has some really cool, edgy details.
Zippers, over-sized cargo pockets, folder over waists, shoulder details, etc.
For an instant street chic, spring-ready look, try some khaki.

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Men’s and women’s khaki finds from Nordstrom here.


4) Shades of Yellow

Spring fashion trends 2017 shades of yellow by fashion blogger and youtuber erin busbee of busbeestyle

It can be a tough color to wear, but fortunately, like any color family, there are MANY shades.
Fair skinned ladies can go with lemon or bright yellow.
Olive skin tones might try a more mustard yellow.

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Nothing but yellow from Revolve Clothing here.


5) Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles

Spring fashion trends 2017 including ruffles! Picks by fashion blogger and youtuber erin busbee of busbeestyle

Ruffles on your shoulder, ruffles on your skirt, ruffles are everywhere this season…
Try offsetting the femininity of the ruffle by pairing it with something edgy and slightly more masculine.
Think ripped jeans, joggers, moto jacket, etc.
Place the ruffles on the smaller half of your body to create balance and proportion.

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More trendy ruffles here!

And, Amazon prime ruffled dresses here.


6) 80’s Revisited

Spring fashion trends 2017 80s including big shoulders, shiny fabrics, ruffles, stilettos, neon colors, etc

We’ve seen a lot of the 70’s and 90’s in the past couple of seasons.
Now, look for versions of the 80’s!
Think shiny fabrics, neon colors, HUGE shoulders and earrings, and stilettos!

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Loving this 80’s inspired line, Zhivago!


7) Flirty Florals

Spring fashion trends 2017 erin busbee, busbeestyle, floral prints, tory burch runway spring 2017, floral skirt

Today’s florals come in edgier and sexier silhouettes… to give them a more modern and sophisticated feel.
Try a darker floral print to add even more edge.
A ruffled floral dress will bring on the drama!

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Amazon prime floral options here.


8) The New Shirt

spring fashion trends 2017 the new shirt, oxford and white button down shirts get a fresh new modern look!

This is a really interesting trend.
The oxford and classic white button down shirt have taken on MANY new shapes…
Making the shirt completely fresh and new!
Today’s button down shirt has cutouts, asymmetrical necklines, diagonal buttons, sashes, puff sleeves, longer lengths, shorter lengths…
Pretty much any design modification you can think of.

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More unique shirt options here.


9) Sexy Slits

Spring fashion trends 2017 high slits in pants, skirts and dresses... very sexy!

These ‘up to there’ slits in your skirts, pants and dresses will instantly add some drama to your look…
And, help you channel your inner Angelina Jolie.

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More high slit dressers here.


10) Timeless Trench

Spring fashion trends 2017 trench coats! Duster and maxi trench coats, sleeveless trench coats, lots of khaki

The classic trench is also getting modern upgrades.
Look for longer lengths, fit and flare silhouettes, interesting design details, and sleeveless options.

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  1. Yikes, your fashion picks for a hip generation. It is unfortunate that there are not many suitable styles for a 77 y.o. wearing a size 8 dress, xsPetite blouses, and size 8 jeans. Drapey blouses fall off my small hour-glass body shape.

    Perhaps you can find something wonderful for me. I love traditional pieces, look terrific in a pencil skirt (if it just barely hits my knees), love fitted blazers and blouses with a collar, enjoy wearing scarves! I’m 5’4″.

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