What’s In My Travel Bag

Everything I’m Bringing in My Travel Bag for Our Trip to Hawaii

Let’s peek into my travel bag! I’m bringing a mix of everything, from electronics including my phone and chargers to makeup to hair ties to skincare!

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Quick note about video… I show pouches or bags within my bags, including liquids and creams. If you are NOT TSA pre-check, you need to have a clear bag or clear pouch and separate your liquids AND creams (including lotion and conditioner).  Learn more about applying for global access or TSA pre-check status here.

 take a peek inside my travel bag, this geo print bag is from Henri Bendel

take a peek inside my travel bag, this wristlet wallet in clay is from Henri Bendel

Vacation Update

Quick update… we are back from our trip and the bag I brought was PERFECT for both the plane and the beach. The sand didn’t stick and I could easily wipe it down afterwards. The inside is cotton. If you get it wet from shoes or sand toys, simply dry it out. I had everything I needed with this small amount of toiletries and makeup. I didn’t overpack (for once) and it worked out really well!

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