Ten Hacks to Look Expensive On A Budget

One of my goals is to help you save time and money. SO I’m VERY excited to share these TOP TEN shopping hacks to help you look expensive on a budget. These are tips I use all the time! Keep scrolling to read about my top ten tips or watch the video above. Also, if you missed my Look Expensive #1 video, you can watch that here. That video focuses more on styling tips to look luxe on a budget.

Shopping Tips from an expert including flash sale websites, consignment stores, outlet stores, rent luxury

Tip #1 | Shoptagr.com

I’ve mentioned Shoptagr before. They have a website and an app that are very easy to use. It allows you to save items and then be notified when the items go on sale!


Go to the site, sign up with your email or Facebook, and then click for the button in the top right that says “Get The Button.” Click the green button that says “+TAG” and it will add the Shoptagr browser extension. This allows you to save items from your favorite sites and it notifies you if those items go on sale and when they go in and out of stock! All you have to do when you find an item you love that’s too expensive is click the Shoptagr icon (top right on computer browser) and it’s added to your wish list. Then you’ll be notified when the item goes on sale!

Mobile App

Go to the App store on your phone and download the Shoptagr app. Once you’ve signed up and signed in, you’ll need to enable it on your phone. It gives you a quick tutorial. But there’s an arrow down at the bottom that you should tap on, then tap more, and switch Shoptagr on. Now, when you find an item on your phone that you love, tap that arrow button, then tap the Shoptagr app, and it’s saved! It’s very easy to download and use!

Shopping Tips from an expert including flash sale websites, consignment stores, outlet stores, rent luxury

Tip #2 | Outlet Stores

Outlet stores are a very important resource. Some of my favorite stores include Saks Off Fifth. I usually look for sexy and modern Aquazurra shoes, leather jackets, high-end coats, puffer coats, etc. Neiman Marcus Last Call is another great site. The Outnet has a great assortment but it’s a different collection than what you’d expect from Saks Off Fifth or Neiman Marcus Last Call. I shop Nordstrom Rack for higher end shoes or boots, and cool leather jackets, etc. I’ve used Century 21 for designer winter boots. You may not know this but Overstock has some great options! They carry Celine bags & Prada! Other resources to check out are TJ Maxx and Bluefly.

Shopping Tips from an expert including flash sale websites, consignment stores, outlet stores, rent luxury

Tip #3 | Flash Sale Websites

These are different from outlet stores because it’s a sale on a specific brand, with specific items, for a specific amount of time. They’re usually only up for three days but you can get up to 75% off! My favorite flash sale website is Rue La La. I’ve bought a lot from Rue La La, but my Prada belt bag has been my biggest steal! Other great sites are Hautelook and Gilt (great for home décor). For UK readers, I came across a flash sale website called Secret Sales that looks like a nice resource.

Shopping Tips from an expert including flash sale websites, consignment stores, outlet stores, rent luxury

Tip #4 | Consignment Stores

Next…consignment stores! When I lived in NYC, I loved going to consignment stores. You have to have time and patience to look, know what you’re looking for, and be smart about what to look for. The beauty of an online consignment store is that it’s much easier to shop! One of my favorites is eBay. I’ve probably purchased the most from eBay and I love that they authenticate luxury handbags now! Another favorite is The RealReal. I’ve had wonderful experiences shopping on this site and it’s where I bought my Celine belt bag! I just found LuxeDH…it’s a beautiful website and seems easy to use. It looks like they have a lot of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci!

Shopping Tips from an expert including flash sale websites, consignment stores, outlet stores, rent luxury

Tip #5 | International Websites

If you know exactly what you’re looking for, check international sites. Sometimes they offer the same items for less! I bought a Veronica Beard blazer from My Theresa, which is sort of like the European version of Neiman Marcus, for a lot less than it was on other sites in the US. Other sites I’d suggest are Farfetch, LuisaViaRoma, and MatchesFashion.

Shopping Tips from an expert including flash sale websites, consignment stores, outlet stores, rent luxury

Tip #6 | Rent It!

Your next option for looking expensive and saving money is to rent it! If you have something special coming up like a reunion, wedding, gala, etc., and you want a luxury handbag or designer dress, rent it! You can also rent jewelry! Three sites I’d recommend for renting…Bag Borrow or Steal, Rent The Runway, and Switch. This is an easy way to look luxe on a budget!

Tip #7 | Comparison Shopping

Comparison shopping is a no-brainer. You want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck! Google is an easy way to comparison shop. I also love Shop Style. You can type in exactly what you’re looking for and it will show you a ton of options and prices, where to buy it, and it has filters so you can narrow down your search.

Tip #8 | Earn Cash Back

Some people swear by EBates. You literally earn money back when you’re shopping. There are only a few high-end stores associated with Ebates. I haven’t really used it but I know people who do and love it!

Tip #9 | Sign Up For Emails

I know you don’t want more emails in your inbox, but signing up for emails from your favorite stores is easy and keeps you updated on their sales! You can sign up for a Gmail account and they sort it all out for you, or you just use a completely different email for those types of emails. When you’re signing up, be sure to keep an eye out for a new customer promo code. A lot of times, when you sign up for emails, they give you a percentage off! A lot of places also give you a discount on your birthday too!

Tip #10 | Sample Sale Sites

Sample sales were a huge part of how I afforded to look stylish while living in New York! But this site is kind of a new discovery for me. There’s a site called Sample Sale 212 that sends you emails for sample sales that are happening and you can shop the sample sale online! Normally you go to the sale in New York or Los Angeles and rummage through tables, racks, and bins to find what you like. This makes it more civilized because you can stay home and shop it online!

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  1. I just found your site . and I am so excited It’s such great help for the 40+ gals i sometime wonder if I’m trying to hard to stay youthful and at my best. Your site has put me at ease and empowered me as my style taste is similar to yours mostly the casual looks. I thank-You for all the time and effort you put into busbee STLE !!! and your guidance. blessed are you among women !! debra j..

    1. I’m SO glad you found me, Debra! And, thank you for your kind, supportive words. Let me know how I can help you… Erin xo

  2. Great job again. Sorry This will only lwt me type im caps 😳 love your posts! So helpful!

    I need help finding the post you did on where a jackets buttons should hit you. I guess i didnt save it. I want to Get a slighlty Oversized check blazer but at 5’5” and short wasted… i want it to hit me right. I cant RememBer what blog post that was in.

    Keep up your hard work! Thank you for all of your help!

    1. Are you looking at a one-button blazer? Somewhere between underbust and belly button is great! Sleeves should fall between wrist and first thumb joint. Hemline length should be at least hipbone length (can be longer). Hope that helps! Erin xo

  3. Hi Erin… thank you for all you do to help get us on track. IvE been derailed for some time but now im catching up and feel extremely thankful to you. I love your style, personality and drive.you deserve your sucCess!! My best to you and your family!!

  4. Very helpful post! I too love ebay and PUrchase a lot off of their site. I always compare with Amazon and have found ebay to be a lot less and always free shipping. my son is getting married in manhattan and i just might check out those rental sites you listed. why not?

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