How to Style Skinny Jeans: Tips From 40+ Style Bloggers

Wearing skinny jeans over 40 is a definite DO! But, it’s always helpful to see how other women are styling their jeans.

I started a new series featuring my fellow 40+ bloggers! Even though we are growing in numbers, I think we are an underrepresented demographic in fashion. Soooo,  I want to spend more time promoting us!  Yay for 40+ ers! I introduced you to some of my favorite 40+ style bloggers here. And, you can also see how some chic over 40 bloggers styled their blazers here.

Keep scrolling to see some outfit ideas featuring skinny jeans.

Skinny Jeans Over 40, 40+ Style Blogger Cyndispivey Wears Skinny Denim Jeans with an off the shoulder black top

#1 | @cyndispivey

Skinny jeans over 40, 40+ Style Blogger nattyz_thethirdpiece wears dark wash skinny jeans, black pumps, a black lace embroidered tank and houndstooth coat

#2 | @nattyz_thethirdpiece

40+ Style Blogger irismaystyle wears distressed skinny jeans, teal suede pumps, a white button up shirt and leopard print scarf

#3 | @irismaystyle

40+ Style Blogger deannwheredidyougetthat wearing skinny jeans, leopard print booties, a black sheer cardigan over black camisole

#4| @deannwheredidyougetthat

40+ fashion blogger beautifullyseaside wearing skinny jeans, white tennis shoes, logo t-shirt and green cargo jacket while carrying a canvas tote

#5 | @beautifullyseaside

40+ Style Blogger Currentlycaro wearing dark wash distressed skinny jeans, a white body suit, white blazer and white bow slides.

#6 | @currentlycaro 

40+ style blogger emptynestblessed wears red skinny jeans, red flats, a black and white striped ruffle sleeve t-shirt and red earrings.

#7 | @emptynestblessed

40+ style blogger styleofsam wears light wash skinny jeans, peep toe gray booties, and white long sleeved top

#8 | @styleofsam

40+ fashion blogger funkyforty wears white skinny jeans, rose gold tennis shoes, lace detail tank and scarf

#9 | @funkyforty

40+ fashion blogger wears distressed white skinny jeans, brown booties, red, white and blue chevron top

#10 | @dawnedonmeblog40+ style blogger catherinegraceo wears white skinny jeans, blue heels, a blue camisole and floral blazer

#11 | @catherinegraceo

Do YOU know someone who is 40+ with amazing style on Instagram? Email me: [email protected] for a chance to be featured. If it’s you, please don’t be shy…

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  1. I do fEel shy but I’ve just opEned a new instagram account only for self care: how to make better use of my wardrobe, how to improVe my skin and hair, look at pretty things, allow myself to be girly without guIlt. I’m posting my pictures in there but i do feel uncomfortable doing that. My scientist side tells me constantly it’s frivolous, but why I couldn’t enjoy it too?

  2. Thanks Erin for paving the way for all us 40+ fashionistas! I had someone comment recently that they just might try some jeans with holes in them. They thought they were for the younger gals only! No way! don’t limit yourself, right? I appreciate your support and thank you kindly for sharing my style with your fabulous readers! xoxo, Dawn

  3. I’m so happy to know that there are bloggers like yourself who show SUPPort to other bloggers. Especially those really trying to make a mark. You’re right, over 40 is underrepresented. 😘

  4. Erin, I love your style! I have to laugh when you say 40+’ers because I’m 60 and identify with you better than i do most 60 year olds. I have often thought of blogging because there doesn’t seem to be many woman blogging my age or blogging about things I am interested in. You had a couple of ladies blog’s that are older that I linkup to but style striving for that one that hits most of my button’s. If you know of other’s that I might be interested in could you pass their addresses on to me.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Erin,
    I love how you are featuring these over 40 bloggers! So many great women with such grEat style & i agree, our age group needs to be betTer rePresented. We do not have a blog yet, just our youtube channel & IG but we would love to be part of your women over 40 feature. Please let me know if you Ever have a specific trend you would like rePresented or any place you may be able to include us. Keep up the great content! You are Truly An inspiration.

  6. These Women all look fabulous and convey such a great sense of style! Kudos to you, and the women you featured, for giving such great options.

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