The Best Vacuum To Get Rid of Pet Hair

The Most Powerful Vacuum

A vacuum is one of those purchases that drive me crazy. Firstly there are like a zillion options. Second, they all do different things. Some plugin, others run with batteries. Some have filters, others do not. The motors are different. The suction is different. It’s clearly not my favorite thing to research, BUT… and this is exciting for all of youeBay asked me to partner with them, featuring home goods, and as a result, I now have a PhD in vacuums. Thanks, eBay!

So, shall we? Don’t worry… I’ll try to give you the headline.

best vacuum for pet hair by Dysonbest vacuum for pet hair by Dyson

Pet Problems

Before we talk vacuums, you have to understand my pet hair plight. Traveler is a 90 pound white Golden Retriever. She also has the most beautiful, thick, wavy fur. If she were a person, she would be the envy of us all. Her fur is gorgeous, but holy cow does she shed. I will throw on a pair of black jeans or velvet pants and the next thing I know, I’m covered. Traveler is also “a leaner”. She likes to push against you.  It’s really sweet. It’s just not ideal when you are about to leave the house wearing black. And, most of our area rugs are dark too. So, the struggle to clean up her white fur is real and constant.

best vacuum for pet hair by Dyson

best vacuum for pet hair by Dysonbest vacuum for pet hair by Dyson
best vacuum for pet hair by Dysonbest vacuum for pet hair by Dyson

best vacuum for pet hair by Dyson

Dyson Animal 2

Let me cut to the chase, and get straight to the point: This vacuum is a beast! It has a huge motor for maximum suction. On the Dyson site, they boast the most suction of any vacuum. They also had me at, “Designed for Homes with Pets.” The head of the vacuum drives into the carpet fibers removing dust, dirt and animal hair! Yay!!

Main Features

1) Powerful Motor
2) Self-Adjusting Head: Transitions from carpet to floor easily
3) Ball Technology: Easy to move around
4) No Bag & 1-Click Dirt Removal: Easy to dump the dirt.. a must in my book!
5) Washable Filter: Just wash and reuse for life!
6) Asthma & Allergy Friendly: The HEPA filtration ensures allergens do not spill out

best vacuum for pet hair by Dyson

Is it Heavy?

It weighs a little over 17 pounds, which kind of sounds like a lot, but I was wielding this thing around, no problem. There are also several attachments to address even the tiniest nooks and corners.

Shop all Dyson vacuums here.

best vacuum for pet hair by Dyson

best vacuum for pet hair by Dyson

Worth the Money?

Once I made the decision to buy this specific vacuum, then I starting searching for the Dyson Animal 2 on eBay mainly because at almost $400, it’s pretty pricey. But, I scored a refurbished version on eBay for half price.

Next on my vacuum wish list? An automatic vacuum that will work while I do other things. I’m thinking of a Roomba. Do any of you have experience with these? Do they work? How are they with hardwood floors and pet hair?

best vacuum for pet hair by Dyson

Shopping on eBay

Did you know that80% of the pieces sold on eBay are BRAND NEW? And, in many cases, you can also get free shipping in under 2 days?? All you have to do is …narrow your search by checking the “New” circle under “Condition” and the “Free Shipping” Circle. I talk more about how to shop eBay like a champ in this post.

Shop all vacuums here. Shop all Dyson vacuums here.

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  1. I have a Dyson Animal for my basement & a Shark Rotator for my main floor. Shark is a bigger bang for the buck. Dyson’s last longer in my opinion with routine maintenance. I love them both! I also have a cordless for quick pick ups on the hard floors…hands down shark…especially if you own an animal that sheds!! I So feel your struggle with the wispy hair! I really want to try out the new shark duo head…supposedly pet hair doesn’t wrap around the brushes?!?! Wouldn’t that be a godsend! I spend a lot of time with cuticle scissors ( I keep a pair in my kitchen “junk” drawer) cutting dog hair Off the brush!! How lucky are you… being sent way kool stuff to try out & review!! Hope you all had fun in NYC…& did loads of shopping!!

    1. I just got a Roomba too! I’m hoping between the Roomba and the Dyson I won’t be eating or drinking dog hair! xoxo

  2. Hi erin! So glad to hear you’ve settled into your new home in colorado. I wanted to comment on your question regarding the roomba.

    I HAVE A ROOMBA AND DYSON ANIMAL to help me keep up with the floors. we have a 70# german shepherd (or as we like to call her, our german shedder, hardwood floors and area rugs. The roomba is great for pet hair maintenance but it will not replace your full-size vacuum. It does a pretty decent job for day-to-day and in between dyson vacuums. The main drawback is the roomba “canister” (where the dirt and pet hair go) is not very big. If traveler sheds even half of what ally sheds, that thing will fill up in no time. However, if you vacuum at least 2 times a week with the dyson, the roomba will do an adequate job in keeping your floors presentable between dyson vacuums.

    Be well.

    1. Thanks, Elsa… that’s the exact combo I now have and I am SO excited about it. Hopefully it will mean no more eating dog hair!

  3. I know I love my Dyson for keeping cat hair at bay! 🙂 Love your sweatshirt coud you tell me where you purchased it? Thanks…love your blog and videos!

  4. You’re like the big sister i never had. So helpful in so many ways! Please keep them coming!

    Also, where can I find the long necklace with pendant you wear so often? Looks like 36″ with a round pendant of some sort.

  5. Besides being in the market for a vacuum, my 18 pound dog sheds enough to fulfill the needs of a stuffed animal factory, i love your sweater. Where did you get it?

  6. I Bought my first Dyson 16 years ago. It is sTill going strong. Still can suck up dog hair from 5 ft away. Easy to clean. Has all the extra accessories (which i rarely use). By the way, i also have a large breed doG. In fact, two. A yelow lab and a black lab plus a beaGle and a Maltipoo. Plus we foster sporting breed dOgs so i understand completely about the dog hair situatiOn. We vacuum every day. Plus we wash dogs beds regularly. A tip for you: a fitted crib sheet fits perfectly on a Large dog bed. It is easy to remove and wash and saves so much time. And available in Every color. I use a chevron pattern in navy and white and alternate with a solid gray. FroM walMart- GO figure. Take care! Love your pOsts! Oh, i fogot! We haVe a Neato which is a Roomba. We used to occasiOnally for a year but i Had to supervise it because it gets stuck under tables and sofas often and the battery runs out . Also, it gets clogged up with dog hair aFter a short time. Plus it is NoIsy and drives mE nuts! It nows resides in a corner of my garaGe. If you are not home often and dont have much furniture , it may work fine for you. I suggest you borrow one and use it for a day or two before you purchase one.

    1. I got one, Marcia! I am hoping the Roooba and the Dyson animal will be the dog hair removal dream team! You have a lot of fur babies!!

  7. I have the first dyson pet vacuum and
    I love it! I could makE a rug out of the
    Fur my dog sheds!!!! If dyson has Improved
    On their first pet vacuum, i willneed
    To check it out right away❤️

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