The BEST Mother’s Day Gift!

What Being a Mom Means to Me

I’ll get to the gift part in a minute. First, I want to talk about what being a mom means to me. I believe there is one common thread among most of us moms, and that is… unconditional love.

After my sister had her kiddos (my niece and nephew), I told her I can’t imagine loving anyone more than I love her kids. Without hesitation she said, “Just wait.” Well, I waited and waited because I didn’t have kids until 10 years later, but she was right. The moment both of my kids were born it was like the floodgates opened up in my heart and love poured out. It’s the most pure and beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life, and I feel grateful every single day. Well, let’s be real… some days I want to hide in pantry ala Charlotte from “Sex and the City” … but most days, over-the-moon gratitude.

Gage is now 9 and Elizabeth is 7. It’s surreal to think about how old they are getting. Like… what happened?

Being an Older Mom Versus Younger Mom

I can’t speak about being a younger mom, but I can share my thoughts about being an “advanced maternal age” mom. That’s an awful title, by the way. In this PC world, can’t we find a better way to describe this?? Especially now that more and more women are having babies after 35?? I had Gage at 35 and Elizabeth at 38.

For me (and everyone is different) as an older mom, I was more equipped to handle the daily challenges that children present.  I have a LOT of life experience to draw from, which helps a great deal. I’m more patient and settled.

Having an older husband helps even more since he always has a life experience to share with all of us.

It’s also REALLY nice that we are both more settled in our careers and have the ability to create a lifestyle that we all love.

Best Mother's Day Gift

Flowers For My Mom

This is my mom, Peggy, above with all of her grandkids and one great grandchild, Evan. I’ve lived away from my family since I was 25 years old. I miss them all the time, especially when we get together and they shower Gage and Elizabeth with love. I am reminded that no one loves your kids like your family, and there is nothing quite like your kids hanging out with their cousins.

Every Mother’s Day for more than a decade I’ve mailed my mom flowers.

Fresh, fragrant flowers not only brighten a room, they deliver joy.  And, hopefully remind my mom that I’m thinking of her. I appreciate her. And, I think she’s VERY special! I think flowers are one of the best Mother’s Day gifts! I also love to give picture books and framed photos.

Imagine my excitement when asked me to partner on this Mother’s Day project! Flowers are my go-to gift for many things, but a definite on Mother’s Day. What I LOVE about this company is they focus not only on the details (every detail is impeccable) but, they are also responsibly sourcing their flowers. You can read all about their mission here.

The Details

The flowers arrived in the most beautiful peach box. When I opened it, the flowers are already bundled and VERY easy to remove and put into the vase.

The care instructions are printed out on a beautiful note card and on the box itself. The presentation is so lovely. I felt quite special opening it! This is the kind of detail and presentation you can feel proud about gifting.

Everything is recyclable too. Even the stay fresh liners are eco-friendly!

Floral Arrangements and Plants

Many of the floral arrangements from are designed by Vogue editors. The one I chose in this monochromatic white palette is called “The Rickie” after Rickie de Sole. I LOVE the white vase and of course the mix of gorgeous white flowers. The pop of pink peonies is so pretty too!

Ordering was VERY simple and the delivery was fast. I appreciate that the site isn’t cluttered or full of way too many choices. There is beauty (and relief) in its simplicity.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Finally, I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to all of you INCREDIBLE moms who expertly and quietly juggle so many things. You are boo boo healers, meal planners, stain removers, grocery shoppers, taxi drivers, cleaners, listeners, huggers, readers, teachers, the ultimate fixers and caregivers. I salute you for your tireless, and unending efforts… day-after-day. You do not hear this enough so I’m going to shout it, YOU ARE NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING! Celebrate this Mother’s Day by doing something special for YOU.

Huge thank you to for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are always my own. What is your go-to Mother’s Day gift? Please share in the comments below. And, don’t forget to subscribe to my exclusive weekly newsletter to get some freebies!

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  1. Hello erin,
    My name is lisa lynn from england. I am a mom of two daughters, Aimee and Anna. I have never follo anyone before but on coming across one of your videos, I decided too. I think your advice is practical and basically your helpful tips and wisdom a must to know.

    Have really enjoyed the viDeos i have been and look forward to many more.

    Thank you and take care,


    1. I love your girls’ names, Lisa! I’m so happy to have your support and thank you for your kind words. Erin xo

  2. What a great post – thank you, erin! Like you and your mom, your family is beautiful. Happy mother’s day To you!

  3. Such a sweet post. Lovely pics of you and your daughter. My mom has been gone For 6 years and I miss her so much some days.
    I always enjoy your fresh, inspiring blog. Happy Mothers Day. Your kids aRe adorable.

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