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Holiday Gift Guide For The Eco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts

If you or someone you know love to try out new ways to be more eco-friendly, these gifts are for you! I’ve included eco-friendly gifts in multiple categories like fashion, lifestyle, and electronics! If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the holiday shops: beauty, sweaters, coats & jackets, and boots & shoes.

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#1 | Rothy’s Sneakers

You can be eco-friendly and stylish! Rothy’s shoes are always highly recommended for their comfort! They also have a bunch of super cute styles to choose from. The pair I have does run a bit narrow so just keep that in mind. The reason these are eco-friendly is that they’re made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles and post-consumer recycled materials!

Shop more from Rothy’s here.

#2 | Matt + Nat Backpack

I just discovered this brand, Matt + Nat. They make vegan leather bags and other accessories. They’re all eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and super stylish!

More from Matt + Nat here.

#3 | Levi’s Skinny Jeans

Did you know what Levi’s are more eco-friendly than most jeans!? 50% of Levi’s products are made with “Water Less” techniques. That is exactly what it sounds like, they use less hot water to wash them. Levi’s has saved more than 1.8 billion liters of water and 129 million liters of recycled water. I shared more about it in this post. Bloomingdale’s actually has an entire shop dedicated to more sustainable products like these jeans.

Shop Bloomingdale’s Sustainable & Mindful Shop here.

#4 | Warby Parker Sunglasses

For those of you who aren’t family with Warby Parker, they’re a cool eyewear brand that allows you to try 5 frames at home for free. You pick which one you want and send back the rest. All of their glasses are ethically made. And for every pair of glasses purchased, Warby Parker donates a pair to someone in need.

Shop more from Warby Parker here.

#5 | Reusable Travel Flatware

Now that we’ve covered some eco-friendly fashion…time to move on to ways you can live a more eco-friendly lifestyle! This travel flatware set would be an awesome gift for someone who takes their lunch to work or enjoys picnics! It comes with a fork, knife, spoon, and a handy travel case.

#6 | Aluminum Straws

Aluminum straws are the easiest way to be more eco-friendly and make a great gift. I love that these straws are pretty rose gold!

#7 | Reusable Snack Bags

Instead of packing a lunch in plastic bags every day, get reusable ones to eliminate waste! These come in multiple color options too.

#8 | Reusable Shopping Tote

Another big source of waste is grocery store bags. This tote is perfect for taking to the store or wherever! You can also get it monogrammed!

#9 | Solar Panel

This Goal Zero solar panel is really cool! You can charge the solar panel battery packs to use later when you need a source of power. Or use the USB port on the panel. It’s weather-resistant so you could take it on outdoor adventures. Make sure you check out my gift guide for the outdoor enthusiast here.

#10 | Flower Garden Seed Set

If you want to give your eco-friendly friend something more fun or experiential, give them this garden seed kit! It comes with a pack of Endless Blooms Cut Flower Mix, Lacy Phacelia, Snapdragon Mix, State Fair Zinnia, and Sunflower Surprise. This is a unique gift idea!

#11 | Eco-Friendly Portable Charger

This portable charger is made from plants! How cool, right!? It works with Apple, Android, Google, Samsung, and more. You can charge three devices at the same time. And your device can get up to 80% charge in 30 minutes!

#12 | 101 Ways To Go Zero Waste

For more ways to eliminate waste, you could get or gift this great book by Kathryn Kellogg!

More Gifts For The Eco-Friendly

Some other eco-friendly gifts that would be perfect…
A cute water bottle to eliminate plastic bottle usage.
The water pebble monitors how much water you use in the shower.
A cute ceramic storage bowl to take to lunch at work or on picnics.
Or a cute lunch bag with washable paper and insulated aluminum insert to reduce your plastic or paper lunch bag use.

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