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Holiday Gift Guide For The Kids

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Gage wants an electric bike and Elizabeth wants a mountain of stuffies. We are already overflowing with stuffed animals, but it doesn’t seem to diminish her desire for more. I love that both kids still love their sweet stuffies and blankies… as I know there will come a day soon when electronics and gift cards are more important. I wanted to share some gift ideas for the little ones on your lists, whether they are your kiddos, grandkids, nieces or nephews. These are geared for kids under 10.

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Gifts For Kids, Fashion blogger over 40 Erin Busbee of sharing the best gifts for kids under 10 years old including Paw Patrol stuffed animal hoodie, building blocks, and more!

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#1 | JetKids Bedbox

This is a carry-on sized suitcase that your little ones can actually ride on if they get tired or pull themselves and prove to you how much of a big girl or big boy they are! The Bedbox can go from a suitcase to a bed in five simple steps! The ride-on suitcase is for children 3-7 years old and the bed feature is for children 2+ years old. This is awesome to have if you are taking the kiddos on a long trip and you’re worried about them being able to sleep. I wish we had this when we went to Japan.

#2 | Hunter Boots

How cute are these tiny Hunter boots!? And they come in NINE colors! Rain boots will help keep your kids or grandkids’ feet dry and toasty!

#3 | Light Up Ball Drone

This will be a huge hit…and it’s only $10! This drone is super easy to use, safe for the kids, and it even lights up!

#4 | Kick Scooter

This is a great gift if you have a kiddo that likes to play outside!

#5 | Wood Castle Building Block Set

You can’t go wrong with building blocks. This is a 150-piece castle set is fun, helps with hand-eye coordination, creative play, and shape recognition!

#6 | Paw Patrol 2-in-1 Stuffed Animal Hoodie

I wish I didn’t know all the words to the Paw Patrol theme song, but I sure do and I can tell you all the pups names too. This is a stuffie/hoodie combination. I love a 2-in-1!

#7 | The Night Before Christmas

Holiday traditions are important and reading The Night Before Christmas to your kids or grandkids is a great tradition!

#8 | Cupcake Maker

For the little baker on your list…a cupcake maker! This includes four stencils, one spatula, whisk, sprinkle tube, a mixing bowl, four cupcake liners, one eyedropper, a recipe book, a spoon, a rolling pin, cupcake froster with storage, and a removable cupcake cup! We bought the Easy Bake Oven last year for Elizabeth and she still uses it and loves it!

#9 | Plaid Pajamas

I bought EVERYONE plaid jammies this year. I buy new sets about once every two years for the kids. I love taking Christmas morning pictures in the pajamas. It’s a sweet tradition!!

#10 | Unicorn Headphones

These are SO fun! They can use them during their screen time to hear the games or listen to music!

#11 | Frozen Ice Castle Lego Set

With the Frozen 2 movie coming out, there are tons of kiddos that will want Frozen themed gifts. This Lego set would be really fun for you to do with them! (For ages 6+) 

#12 | Remote Control Retro Bumper Cars

Last but not least are these cool remote control bumper cars! They are modeled after bumper cars in the 50’s. But, these have a small button that will launch the toy driver into the air.

More Gifts For The Kids

Some other gifts that would be perfect for the kids…

New sneakers for school.
A cute tent play house.
39-piece magic set for the magician on your list.
Or a bead kit to make custom jewelry.

Hope that helps your search!! Buying toys are SO fun… enjoy it while it lasts.

Thank you for stopping by!

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