Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Catalog Picks and Preview

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Catalog Picks

In the VIDEO above, I’m getting you ready for the blogger/YouTuber superbowl …

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!

You can also keep scrolling (below) to read all about important dates,
check out my catalog picks,
And find out how you can shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 early!

Also, there is currently a pretty awesome SUMMER SALE happening here.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Catalog and Sale Prep

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Catalog and Sale Prep

I’m getting you ready for THE biggest SALE of the YEAR…
I pretty much buy half my fall/winter wardrobe during this sale.
Hundreds of new fall clothes go on sale.
It is a rare opportunity to buy new arrivals for the next season on sale! 

Important Dates

Below you will find all the important dates for the sale.
Along with helpful links.

Keep scrolling to see my top sellers from last year!

July 11th | Early Access Begins

In order to gain early access to the sale on July 13th:

Sign up for a credit card

I became a member two years ago, and I love my Nordstrom card.
You build up points and get notes to put towards new purchases.
You also earn credit towards alterations.

July 18th | Last Day Early Access

This is the last day card holders can shop the sale before it opens up to everyone.

July 19th | Sale Open to Everyone

Everyone has the chance to shop the sale on the 19th, and some of the sold out pieces are restocked.
Nordstrom also add new styles!

Keep scrolling below to see ALL of my catalog picks!


Want to know what will be in the sale? Of course you do!!

Here is a link to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog for 2019!

You can also watch my video (above) to check out my anniversary sale ‘catalog‘ picks…
I also created the layout so you can easily see my TOP picks.

NOTE: There will be hundreds more styles on sale. The catalog is merely a preview.
If you want to download or print the catalog, you can do that here.


In case you want to do a little shopping NOW…
There is a HUGE sale on summer stuff!



Sale Picks

Coverage Plans

In addition to videos showing you what I bought and why…
I will create separate boutique-style shops on my site. (Under Shop tab)
I will also be rolling out a BUNCH of blogs breaking down different categories.

Is there a category you would like me to tackle?? Comment below.

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Best Sellers

During Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016, you bought a LOT of tees and jackets.
My top sellers are all sold out.
But if you want to browse the lines that sold the best… here are the links:

1. Socialite here

2. BlankNYC here

3. Veronica Beard here

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Or my post on the best undergarments here.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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*I use revenue-generating affiliate links. It does not influence my choices in any way. 
You can help support my mission… to help women with their style… by shopping through my links. 
Thank you so much! Erin xo



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  1. One quick correction-by law, they must hold back 10% for the regular public. I worked for Nordstrom forever, and we literally had to lock stuff away so employees couldn’t sell it. So if you jump in there or pre-sell for the regular public day, there is hope! However—> Get the card! It’s worth it.

  2. Erin, loved this article! I absolutely love the Nordstrom sale. That being said I have my eye on the Theory midi dress and Stuart Weitzman Notazzie booties from the catalog. Do you know if they put these on the website or in store on July 13?

  3. Erin, during the video, when reviewing page 48 .. with the booties. .. you stated that you recommended going with any of them would be a good choice.. except #4, Vince Comuto Prasata… Is it just your personal preference or do you feel that style may not go the distance, do to speak? The booties you chose are great & I would buy them in a heart beat… however I need to keep the heel a tad lower ? Franco Sarto footwear is so uncomfortable.. I love your fashion advice, you consider everything from quality, fit, age… So sometimes I make a choice when out shopping and find my purchase was not a good choice because the style is on the way out or something I find later would have made more sense. Looking at the #4 Vince boots I liked them, but don’t want to make a regretful purchase. Please advise me.
    Thanks Erin.. you really are doing a fabulous job. I appreciate your effort and help so much!
    Leigh Bligh

  4. Very excited about the sale. Looking forward to your picks. Personally, I’d like to see try-on/ fit information as soon as possible. (No stores near me so I have to order online & guess at sizing.) Also budget picks, and picks for petites. Thanks!

    1. I will expedite shipping and get a video up ASAP after early access begins!! Erin xo

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