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Closet Organization | Style Reboot #9 VIDEO

 My closet was a scary, freakin mess before I started this process about 3 weeks ago.

Anndd, it IS a process. 

“I know it can feel SO overwhelming.

But, I’m here to make organizing your closet much easier…”

Now, take a deep breath and let’s dive in!

Keep scrolling to see BEFORE & AFTER picture!

First things first, if you haven’t edited your closet yet
(Editing = weeding out the stuff that shouldn’t be there)
Then watch this video first. Here is the blog about editing.

Step #1 | Invest in Matching Hangers

I tell clients to buy 100 shirt/dress hangers for every 3 feet of hanging space on your rack.
It’s an investment, but it’s SO worth it!

I like the clear, plastic, swivel head hangers.
You can find them here (Amazon Prime)
Here is a link for the skirt and pants hangers.

TIP: Order in bulk to save money!
Or buy a little at a time if your budget is tight.

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How to organize your closet, shoes, boots, jewelry, handbags, hacks and tips to help you

Step #2 | Sort by type

That means, hang sleeveless shirts together, short sleeve next, long sleeves, etc.
Group blazers together. Keep skirts and pants separated.

…You get the idea!

TIP: If you don’t have the hanging space for jeans,
put them in a bin or drawer.

Step #3 | Sort by color

Within your ‘types’ or categories like short sleeve tops… you should sort by color.
Use a system that works for you.
I like organizing light to dark and I use the rainbow as a guide, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, etc.

TIP: Don’t stress about printed, multi-colored garments.
Just put them all together.

Step #4 | Store off-season

In theory, you may have already done this while you were editing.
But, just in case, I thought it was worth a reminder.
Store all of your off-season things in another closet, under your bed, wherever you have space.
It will help keep your closet leaner, and more organized.

TIP: If you live in a climate that stays about the same year-round,
Make space by doing a more serious edit.

Step #5 | Organize Jewelry

I like to use jewelry stands to display most of my jewelry.
If I tuck mine away in bags or drawers, it won’t see the light of day.
I put special occasion jewelry in my top drawer.

TIP: Use straws to keep dainty necklaces untangled while traveling.
Use baby powder to help get knots out of necklaces.

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How to organize your closet, shoes, boots, jewelry, handbags, hacks and tips to help you

Step #6 | Organize Shoes

Again, I like to have my shoes displayed.
I sort by color and keep my heavy hitters very accessible.
I also sort them one shoe facing front, the other facing back… to create more space.

For those that don’t have shelves for shoes,
Here is a link to an easy-to-assemble shoe rack that also looks nice.
You can also use shoe bins.
Some day I will splurge on these gorgeous linen bins!

For all boots…try boot trees, shapers or pool noodles to keep them in great shape.
A boot rack is helpful for storage if you don’t have shelves.

TIP: A foldable step ladder/stool will help you reach shoes up high and save space in your closet

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Step #7 | Organize Handbags

I like shelf dividers for my handbags.
You can also use lined baskets or bins.
Use tissue paper to preserve the bags’ shape.
Or buy handbag shaper pillows.

TIP: Have a leather conditioner/cleaner handy to keep bags looks great!

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Step #8 | Tackle Your Drawers

I like to organize drawers by type and color also.

For underwear and socks, I use linen drawer organizers.
There are a bunch of in drawer organizing options here.
You can try this adjustable drawer organizers too.

I store all tees and jeans in my drawers, again sorting by color and type.

TIP: You can use shoe box lids if you don’t have bins or organizers in the budget.

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Step #9 | Sort Scarves & Belts

I found this cool scarf hanger if you have the hanging space.
Otherwise, just put them in a bin on your shelf or under your clothes.
With your belts, hang them on special hanger like this.
OR, mount a rack on your wall and hang them.

TIP: If you need an extra notch on your belt (literally) get a leather puncher!

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You CAN Do It!

I know this is a serious project, but when you are done, And your closet looks great,
And it doesn’t stress you out anymore…And it’s easy to find stuff,

It will be SO worth it!!

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  1. I love these tips. However I have a very small 59’s ranch style home. Meaning my closet space is small. Coi don’t have room to display shoes or jewelry. Could you do tips for a smaller space ? Thank you. I did get some great tips from this video. Thx!

    1. I would think about a piece of furniture for jewelry or definitely store in your drawers.
      And, shoes are going to have to go on a rack in the closet or in boxes in another closet.
      Obviously both would have to be easily accessible. xoxo

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