4 Trending Summer Makeup Looks That May Surprise You

Though our friends in Idaho might disagree, spring/summer is in the air. We’ve “sprung forward” (and suffered endlessly with that lost hour), perfected the art of Zoom outfitting (waist-up only please), scheduled our first real Mani/Pedi (Essie’s Cupid Beau), and are counting the days when we can actually consider an outing beyond our zip code. There’s a freshness and newness in the air. And where better to experiment with ‘fresh and new’ than with trending summer makeup looks. This summer promises a much-needed return to bold, fun makeup. Along with statement lips and pastel eyes, bold brows are poised to be some of the most popular makeup looks this summer.

Of course, as with all trends, pick and choose what you love and what works for you and your lifestyle. After all, not all of us are ready to embrace tie-dye eyes (yep, that’s a thing…Google it)!

bold lips trending summer makeup

1) Bold Lips

We did an entire post on lip colors and “bold” stole the show. Change it up for summer with softer, creamier formulas in poppy, coral or fuchsia. It is an easy trend that polishes up any look and brightens your complexion as well as your mood.

For Brunettes & Medium to Dark Skin Tones

Revlon’s Kiss Me Coral – Siren and Fire & Ice
Hermes – Corail Flamingo and Rouge Casaque
 MAC Lipglass – Lychee Luxe

For Blondes & Lighter Skin Tones

Revlon’s Wink for Pink, I Got Chills and Dramatic
NARS Roman Holiday
Bad Reputation
Fenty Lip Shine in Tang Thang

bright eyeline trending summer makeup
2) Bold Eyeliner

Ditch your brown and black liner for a color that pops. Blues, greens, purples, burnt orange and more. I love, love this look! It’s so simple and yet so chic. Very wearable! I love it alone with neutral lips. But it’s also gorgeous added on top/near your existing liner. If you’re afraid of the bolder colors but want to try out the trend, go for something that compliments your eye color…maybe instead of black eyeliner, you can try a subtle green.

  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide Eyeliner – Tons of bright shades. I love Freak, Viper, and Woodstock which would work on most women’s skin tones.
  • ColourPop BFF – Super affordable, making this an easy trend to try. Ducky for brunettes/brown eyes and Crzy (deep sapphire) for those with fairer complexions.

sheer wash of color trending summer makeup

3) Bright Eyeshadow

Stay with me here. You don’t need to go full Rihanna. Using a fluffy brush, keep the color on the lower lid only, with just a few swipes. Add mascara but skip the liner. Highlighter on cheeks and neutral gloss on the lips. Pass the mojito!

  • NARS Single Eyeshadow – Matcha (light green) and Strada (purple) would look amazing as a fresh color wash or just used as a liner with a wet brush.
  • NYX Brights Ultimate – Love this affordable little palette, which offers lots of fun options. Avoid looking like a 14-year-old and apply the color with a fluffy brush so you get a wash of color. Add some blush and nude lip, and it’s now a fresh, modern summer look.

metallic eye trending summer make up

4) Metallics

Hmm, aren’t metallics classic at this point? Given that most of us have something with a gorgeous metallic finish in our makeup bag, it doesn’t seem like a trend. But this summer, it’s about the application, which provides an easy way to instantly create drama in your look. You can use metallic products on the eyes, lips, cheeks and even brows if you want to create a nighttime glow. Of course, it’s equally wearable during the day – just stick to one feature (I love a glossy, metallic lip).

Do you have a favorite beauty trend that didn’t make our list?  Please share in the comments.  For more fun beauty tips, get our blog posts delivered directly to your inbox, along with some next-level freebies, when you sign up for the Busbee Style newsletter here.

Francine Harris
Meet Francine, our self-described skin care and beauty junkie. As a 40-something Southern California native, Francine is a firm believer in the power of sunscreen and a gorgeous nude lip. She’s an AKT Fitness owner and hi-tech marketing communications consultant by day and mom to three high-energy, testosterone-driven boys by night (hence her preference for red wine with an ice cream chaser).
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2 thoughts on “4 Trending Summer Makeup Looks That May Surprise You

  1. Charlotte Tilbury has an eye color magic liner duo. It’s a limited-edition matte and metallic duo eyeliner pencil to emphasize and amplify your eye color. The super blue and green lights are fab.

    1. Hi Rachel – Thanks for the tip! Charlotte Tilbury can do no wrong in my book, so I will definitely check it out.


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