10 Ways To Update Your Wardrobe

Add Modern Touches to Elevate Your Outfits

In this video, I’m sharing ten ways to quickly and simply update your wardrobe this spring! I feature modern accessories that will easily elevate your looks.


The first way to update your wardrobe this spring is with hair bands or hair accessories. In the last couple years, I’ve noticed that headbands have become more and more popular. I featured a cute, floral print headband (pictured below) in my spring lookbook video. I also bought the headband in black and white! It’s just something a little different and unexpected that adds excitement to your outfit.


The next thing that can add modernity to your spring wardrobe is a handbag. You can do this by picking a handbag in a more modern color or shape. In the video, you can see my round canvas bagthat is both! It’s a round shape in a lavender color, which is very popular this spring. Watch my spring trends video here.

The Belt

The belt is having a moment. It’s something that adds interest to your look, and highlights or creates a waist! I picked up this belt that’s really chic. You can see how I styled it in my spring lookbook video. Not everyone can wear a belt. If you’re trying to conceal a tummy, I would suggest no belt, or belting your dress/pants lower, around the hips.


You can easily buy sunglasses to update your wardrobe this spring. And you have a TON of options! Right now mirrored lenses, aviators, oversized, cat eye, and white frames are trending. I got these mirrored, champagne colored, oversized Henri Bendel sunglasses (above). They’re versatile and modern! I also love this pair!

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are still going strong! They definitely add a lot of impact. Plus, they are affordable and easy.

Skinny Scarf

I did a video on how to style a skinny scarf 10 ways…!


The next thing that can really help update your wardrobe this spring is a necklace! A statement necklace can pack a lot of style punch. I’ve worn this necklace a lot and I know a bunch of you really like it. It’s a simple circle necklace that’s bold, and interesting! I also really love this stunning necklace. It just adds something special!

Sexy Shoes

Sexy shoes can definitely elevate your look! I featured these shoes in my spring lookbook video with a dress… and in a post with white jeans. I also love these striped pumps for this spring. They’re chic, sophisticated, and sexy.

 Mule or Slide

Another pair of shoes that is having a moment is mules. They’re easy to get on and off…and will take your look up a notch!


The last accessory I wanted to share…is a hat! It definitely adds a lot of style to your look. There are so many kinds of hats that are cool right now. I got this Panama hat from Nordstrom (above). Another cool option is this white, newsboy style cap.

Check out how to style spring blazers here. You might also like my denim decoded post here.

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