7 Creative Staycation Ideas When You Really Need a Mental Break

Creative Staycation Ideas

With a little creativity, it’s amazing how much you can break up your routine and experience the relaxation and contentment of taking a vacation without having to travel very far. To inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of 7 creative staycation ideas when you really need a mental break.

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Stay Local

In the same way that an out-of-town trip reenergizes you, booking a room at a local hotel, resort, or bed-and-breakfast is the perfect way to make a quick escape.

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Take a Food Tour

For a new, mind-opening experience without having to stay overnight, take a food tour of your city or a neighboring city.

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Be a Tourist

Whether you’ve been living in the same city since birth or you’ve been there for a few years, there are always new places to explore. Make a list of all the different landmarks that you haven’t seen.

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Go Camping

You can set up a tent in your own backyard and enjoy an evening of roasting marshmallows, games and stargazing, either with your partner or the whole family.

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Rent an Airbnb

Make weekend plans to visit that part of town and stay in an Airbnb. Indulge your fantasy by staying in a luxury dream home or exploring a treasured neighborhood district that’s right under your nose.

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