How to Wear Denim Shorts at ANY Age and Look AMAZING! Everything You *Need* To Know

One of the most common questions I get around the spring and summer is about whether or not women over 40 can wear denim shorts! 

Whether you think they’re too short, you don’t like your legs, or you just don’t know how to style them…it’s completely up to you!

The shorts above have an 11” rise, so they’re very high-waisted, which is quite flattering. Anywhere from 9” to 12” inches is considered high rise.

Check The Rise

Check The Inseam

I usually like to wear shorts with an inseam between 3” and 5”. 3 inches is pretty short, but if you are petite like me, you can get away with it.

With denim shorts, it’s best to size up one size. You don’t want anything too tight in the waist creating a muffin top.

Size Up

Think About Fit & Fabric

Give yourself some breathing room in the leg area (sizing up helps here). If the leg holes are a bit wider, it will make your thighs look smaller!

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