How To Get Better Sleep With These Sleep Routine Essentials

Get the Better Sleep You Crave

We all know that getting good sleep sets us up for a fruitful and positive day. Even so, we sacrifice our sleep to get more done. As busy professionals, moms, and partners, we often work late into the night at the expense of rest.

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Blue Light Glasses

Our screens emit a blue light that mimics daylight. Our bodies naturally synch to daylight, so when we use our technology into the night, we tell our bodies it’s still daytime.

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Breathable Cotton Pajamas

Having comfortable pajamas is important to sleeping well. You want something that keeps you cozy but also keeps your body temperature regulated.

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Cooling Sheets

There’s not much worse than waking up in the middle of the night in a fop sweat because your sheets trap all of your body heat. Organic cotton sheets are a great choice.

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White Noise Machine & Sunrise Alarm Clock

If you are especially sensitive to sound, or you live in an old house that creaks and groans at night, a white noise machine can help block the noises that keep you awake or wake you during the night.

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Sleep Mask

Sleep masks are not just for caricatures of boozy housewives. They really work. By blocking out extra light, they help your brain stay in sleep mode.

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