4 Tips on How To Avoid That Dry Foundation Look During The Winter

Winter Beauty Foundation Tips

Cold, dry winter weather can make even oily complexions look downright parched. Skin becomes more sensitive, perhaps a little flaky and itchy. Of course, there are basics to keep in mind when coping with dry winter skin.

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Apply a Rich Cream and a Hydrating Oil

If your skin becomes super dry in the winter, I say it's time to double up on the moisturizer. Cleanse, tone and apply a rich cream.

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Try a Primer for Dry Skin

Gorgeous makeup begins with a good canvas, and primers are the makeup artists' secret to a flawless foundation.

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Choose Dewy, Radiant or Satin Formulas

Compact foundations and those labeled "long-wearing" are far too drying during these winter months. They also tend to settle in pores and wrinkles.

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Use a Hydrating Mist - Often!

As the final moisturizing touch, spritz generously all over your face to make your skin look plump and glowy.

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