Your 2022 Self-care Guide: Everything You Need to Know for a Great Year

Let’s make 2022 the year where we finally make our self-care a priority.

Your self-care is an important part of your health. Starting a self-care routine does not need to be difficult. By starting small and doing the little things that will give you a big impact, you can build a simple practice that gives you huge payoffs.

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Prioritize Rest

Sleep is critical to our executive functioning, but too often we skimp on sleep to get “just one more thing” crossed off of our to-do list.

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Improve Your Immunity

Keeping our immune systems strong is still important, especially now that the common cold and flu are back in circulation. A great way to support our immune systems is to go outside.

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Move Your Body

Staying fit and strong isn’t just about aesthetics, although it does feel great to know you’re killing it in your bathing suit. Moving your body is also about staying balanced. When we exercise, our moods improve, and we become more focused.

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Strengthen Your Mind

Strengthening your mind is another self-care practice you should embrace this year. And mindfulness, meditation, or prayer are some of the simplest ways to start.

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Staying hydrated improves your overall health, like your digestion. It also keeps your skin looking youthful and fresh. If you struggle to drink enough water because you just don’t think about it, try having a water bottle nearby.

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