I Tried These 4 Tik Tok Inspired Beauty Products and Here's What I Really Think

Do you ever feel a little weird shopping for yourself in Forever21 or the BP section of Nordstrom?  A little out of place and a little guilty all at the same time. That’s how I feel about TikTok. But despite any misgivings about going down rat holes of Hot Pot Sauce and Andrew Garfield, there are a host of beauty products on TikTok.

Some were absolute duds and not worth mentioning.  But fortunately, I did find a few clear winners.  So, here’s my honest review of these trending beauty products on TikTok.

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Laura Geller Baked Color Correcting Foundation

This powder-based foundation is targeted for mature skin. It’s formulated to balance and brighten skin with the ‘ease of a powder and the benefits of a cream’.

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e.l.f. Camo CC Cream

This color-correcting full coverage foundation comes in 16 shades (labeled warm, cool or neutral) and contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and peptides. It also boasts SPF 30.  For $14, you get a nice, even coverage. Satin (not dewy) texture. It wore pretty well throughout the day.

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NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

There’s nothing new with using white eye pencils to brighten the eye area. But this creamy formula makes it easy. It’s not dry or irritating...Which may explain why this product is so hard to find.

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Danessa Myricks Dewy Cheek & Lip Palette

This line is all about makeup artistry. Creamy, rich textures and an inclusive range of colors. This trending new palette (choose either cool/rosy or warm/nude) features four dewy shades that can be worn on cheeks and lips (I use it on my eyes too).

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Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel

You know I’ll try anything in the name of fresh, dewy skin. The TikTok ‘before and afters’ were hard to resist. Yet I’m really picky about what goes into my permanent skincare routine. But WOW, this exfoliating enzyme peel is excellent.

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