8 Beautiful Dresses You Can Wear To Your Next Black-Tie Wedding

Galas or black-tie weddings and events are my favorite occasions to shop for. And, also the most difficult. Why? It seems like SUCH a commitment to buy a gown or formal attire.

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Take the Plunge

The plunging neckline is definitely the star of the show here so I appreciate the long sleeves and longer hemline. The strategic ruching and sash offer a little forgiveness in the tummy area

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Metallic Beauty

This lilac gown would be gorgeous for a spring, black-tie wedding. This dress will definitely accentuate a small waist! The small, side cutouts are tasteful and on-trend.

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IT Factor

This is an elegant dress with that pop of drama I love. It's very sophisticated with an undeniable wow factor!

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Tulle Gown

There is a subtle shimmer to the fabric on this tulle gown. The waist hits just under the bust, highlighting one of the smallest parts of a woman's body.

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Wild Card

This dress is a bit of a wild card on every level. First, it's short - so, there is no rule that says you can't wear a short dress to a black-tie wedding but if you do, it needs to be sophisticated.

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