ACCESSORY TREND: Dainty Gold Jewelry


After years of collecting bold baubles like statement necklaces, chunky cuff bracelets and cocktail rings, now (as you may have noticed) jewelry is shrinking in size and becoming much more dainty.

Hang onto your statement pieces and pepper them into your wardrobe when you can, but I would suggest starting your own collection of delicate jewelry as well.

One of my biggest concerns with dainty pieces is the amount of impact they have on your overall look.

But, the truth is…they DO make an impact. Think of the last time you saw a woman wearing a beautiful crystal and gold pendant that grazed her collarbone. You probably thought that’s really pretty and feminine.

When you layer them, they add even more interest and polish to your overall look.

If you’re not certain what to buy… I would pick up the following:

1) One short pendant that hits your collarbone

2) One long pendant or drop that you can layer with the shorter one (if you are not exceptionally busty)

3) TWO gold rings that you can easily wear together and work well with your wedding rings

4) TWO gold bangles or tiny cuffs (again that can be stacked together)

5) ONE pair of drop earrings

The great thing about this jewelry is that all of it can be worn together pretty seamlessly, and with almost everything in your closet.

Below you’ll find some of my favorite ‘dainty’ jewelry picks in every budget, including real gold (maybe Valentine’s Day gifts???)

Happy Shopping!!

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