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I don’t often talk beauty with my blog readers, but it’s definitely an area I’m very passionate about! And… as I quickly discovered… so are ALL of you!! I asked tons of you: Facebook friends, clients, local experts, “What is your favorite beauty product and why?” I still can’t believe how many responses I received. Wow!  Well, I read through all of the answers. I read through reviews. I tried them myself, and here are the top picks. The winners of the first-ever… BEST of BEAUTY awards!


One of “San Antonio Living’s” most beloved regulars, National Etiquette Expert, Diane Gottsman suggested this one. Diane told me she uses Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer daily…

This cult classic is a 2-in-1. It has vitamin E and antioxidants so it moisturizes and keeps your skin healthy, and over the course of about 5 days, it also gives you a goof proof summer glow! No streaking or crazy orange color. The glow is year round…but it’s especially great during these tough winter months, when many of us get really pasty or chalky. If you haven’t tried Jergens Natural Glow lately, you need to revisit it, the company recently reformulated it, using breakthrough, odor-reducing technology… so it smells great!!  AND, it’s affordable at around $8.99 at drugstores nationwide. (Prices vary depending on store and quantity.)



One of my former co-workers at WCBS in New York, Cindy Hsu, picked this one. Cindy has been reporting and anchoring at CBS for nearly twenty years and she has always applied her own make-up. This woman knows makeup! I asked her to share her favorites and Prestige sunflower bronzing powder is one of them. She uses it to contour her face and bronze her chest for TV.  It’s available at most drugstores and is very affordable at around $10 bucks. Just make sure you buy the right color for your skin tone.


This pick comes from jewelry designer and founder of…the beautiful and talented Carroll Dorsey Walker! Carroll says this is hands-down the best liquid eyeliner because it is waterproof…and stays put. She says it is also VERY easy to apply. Not to mention affordable at around $7.50.  Since Carroll so strongly recommended it, I tried Milani Eye Tech…And, woah… it IS easy to apply. I can make a really thin, natural looking line along my eye or pile it on for added drama.

4) BEAUTYBLENDER,  $21.85 (for two)

My friend, Alicia Guevara, told me about this one. She is a celebrity makeup artist and founder of  Alicia says this is IT when it comes to applying foundation and primers! She said the beauty blender gives you a natural, airbrush finish. I have been using this one myself for several months and I can tell you it is far better than using your hand or a brush…I love it! The beauty blender is available from Sephora for about 20 bucks. You can also buy the Beautyblender from Alicia’s newest business, The Oxygen Room and Brow Bar.  and Beauty Bar.  and it should last you a few months. All you do is wet it, wring it out, blot it dry and then use to apply your foundation.



My friend Marnie Goldberg or MsGoldGirl as she’s known on YouTube… suggested this one. Marnie has reviewed hundreds of beauty products…and has a HUGE following on YouTube. She says the Match Perfection Concealer by Rimmel is amazing! She says she uses it every single day under her eyes to brighten and conceal.  She actually has it on in this photo. Marnie told me this concealer is a must have for sure and at only 5 bucks, why not give it a try? You can use this also to highlight your forehead, cheekbones and nose.



I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a lipstick color. This lipstick by Nars… looks great during the day. It looks great during the evening. It looks great on all different skin tones. It looks great on TV.  I’m actually wearing it now. The color is matte and it just pops. Don’t try walking into Sephora and buying it, they are almost always sold out. Buy it online. It’s called “Schiap” by Nars. Also, before you rule it out as ‘too pink’ try it. It looks completely different on your lips.  This is available at Sephora for $26 dollars…worth every penny!



The Curl Genius by BeLissPro is appropriately named because it is “genius”. This will suck in a section of your hair, beep when it’s done and spit out a perfectly curled strand of hair. There are three settings to control the tightness of the curl. I used it for my hair this morning. I am loving this!! I found it for $99 from Sally’s Beauty Supply and Amazon. Normal retail is around $130.

I know there are so many more wonderful products out there that deserve a spot on this countdown,’s BEST of BEAUTY awards!


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