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The Most Popular Chloe Handbags And Their Dupes For Less

Favorite Chloe Bags

The popular Chloe handbags have a very distinctive look and feel…  beautiful, buttery soft leather, gorgeous bold hardware, and unique shapes. I own two Chloe handbags and absolutely love them. Since they are such a big investment, I wanted to share a few options that are a fraction of the price. I did a video on 5 items that are worth the investment. Find out which one I picked as my all-time favorite by watching the video here.

Designer Chloe Faye Drew Marcie handbags and their less expensive purse dupes

#1 | Chloe Tess

This bag was my second Chloe purchase. Once again, it’s a beautiful color! The brown goes with pretty much everything.

Shop Chloe Tess bags here.

#2 | Chloe Marcie

I wanted to include a larger satchel option. It comes in different styles, sizes, and color. But this one would be the most versatile.

More Chloe Marcie bags here.

#3 | Chloe Nile

The Chloe Nile bag is the one I’ve had the longest. It’s a beautiful white, the perfect size to hold all of your essentials, and can be carried two ways. You can hold it by the pretty gold ring as a clutch or wear it as a crossbody bag. I take this bag on every vacation because it’s not too big and packs beautifully in my carry on.

Shop Chloe Nile bags here.

#4 & #6 | Chloe Faye

In the image above I shared two Chloe Faye styles. I love the shape of the larger one. It’s different and interesting. The smaller one is also a great option if you’re looking for a smaller crossbody.

More Chloe Faye bags here.

#5 | Chloe Drew

If you’re looking for a classic crossbody, I think the Chloe Drew bag is a wonderful option. The hardware is minimal to give you maximum versatility. It’s the perfect size to hold your essentials. It also comes in multiple colors.

Shop all Chloe handbags here.

Chloe Dupes

If you’re not ready to make this investment, I included dupes below. I also included dupes for other popular Chloe bags and backpacks.

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