4 Tips on How To Avoid That Dry Foundation Look During The Winter!

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Winter Beauty Foundation Tips

Cold, dry winter weather can make even oily complexions look downright parched. Skin becomes more sensitive, perhaps a little flaky and itchy. And makeup, especially foundation, just doesn’t look right. Instead, foundation “grabs” onto every dry flake, creating a patchy (and aging) mess. Of course, there are basics to keep in mind when coping with dry winter skin. In fact, we talked about it in this post. Basically, drink more water than usual. Try a collagen supplement. Invest in a humidifier. But is there anything else you can do to help avoid that dry foundation look this winter? You bet!  Just check out a few of my favorite winter foundation tips for fresh, healthy and glowing skin.

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Apply a Rich Cream AND a Hydrating Oil

If your skin becomes super dry in the winter, I say it's time to double up on the moisturizer. Cleanse, tone and apply a rich cream. Wait a few minutes, then pour about 2-3 drops of a hydrating oil into the palms of your hands and rub them together distributing it evenly. Then, don't rub but instead, PRESS the oil into your skin. If you have a dry patch or two, add a teeny bit more just in that particular spot.
Augustinus Bader Rich Creme
U Beauty Super Hydrator
Nuori Perfecting Oil
Tatcha Beauty Oil
Face Oil No. 9

Try a Primer for Dry Skin

Gorgeous makeup begins with a good canvas, and primers are the makeup artists' secret to a flawless foundation. If you have dry and flaky skin, applying a moisturizing primer before you work in your foundation will not only give you a lit-from-within glow but also hydrate your skin for hours on end.
Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti Aging Primer
Glossier Priming Moisturizer
Tom Ford Moisturizing Primer
Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer

Choose Dewy, Radiant or Satin Formulas

Compact foundations and those labeled "long-wearing" are far too drying during these winter months. They also tend to settle in pores and wrinkles. Sticks, creams or liquids - often referred to as serums, hydrating tints, or luminizing foundations - feature dewy or satin finishes and are much more flattering on dry, winter or mature skin.
Chantecaille Future Skin
Shisheido Total Radiance
Tower 28 Skin Tint
Bobbi Brown Skin Serum

Use a Hydrating Mist - Often!

An Evian spritz is lovely, but take it a step or two further and add a hydrating mist right after your foundation. As the final moisturizing touch, spritz generously all over your face to make your skin look plump and glowy. I like to carry a small travel size with me and also keep one on my desk for an all-day moisture boost.
Glo Recipe Watermelon Glow
Elizabeth Arden Face Mist
Youth to the People Hydrating Mist
Caudalie Beauty Elixir
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4 thoughts on “4 Tips on How To Avoid That Dry Foundation Look During The Winter!

  1. Looks really great!

    Do you have your primer on under the tinted moisturizer? And then is the tinted moisturizer all you use for foundation or do you then put on regular foundation over it and rest of makeup (blush, etc).

  2. I used to LOVE philosophy’s purity made simple. Then I started being more selective with ingredients and parabens are on my no way list. Bummer, because it is a great cleanser. For dry skin you should totally try the Nugg Beauty masks. The deep hydration moisture boost mask is SO good!

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