How To Dress If You Are Tall – Featuring Aquila Mendez-Valdez

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Today’s post is written by fellow blogger and friend, Aquila Mendez-Valdez of At 6 feet tall… she is the perfect person to give all of you tall ladies style tips. Thanks, Aquila!


Giraffe. Daddy Long Legs. How’s the weather up there? Can you tell me if it starts raining? I heard it all growing up.  At six feet tall, I’m significantly taller than the U.S. women’s average of 5’4”, and people don’t hesitate to point it out (Cue… long sigh).

Being tall isn’t always fun, but it does have its perks. Tall women are perceived as being better leaders, we actually make more money on average than our, more vertically challenged counterparts. And, it’s important to note that every US President has been an average of 6’1”.

When it comes to our wardrobe choices, though, the options are slim. And…who can afford custom tailoring and clothing?

For those who are struggling, here are some of my essential “TALL WOMEN” shopping tips and tricks:

1)     Pants From Victoria’s Secret

Oh, and you thought Victoria’s Secret was only good for bras and underwear? Think again my long-legged friend.  I love ordering the VS dress pants because they come in a variety of inseam lengths.  I have several pairs and they are so long, they almost need to be hemmed UP!  That NEVER happens. They also happen to fit well through my curvy hips, while the flared leg helps balance my hips. Try other online shopping sites too, like ASOS, Amazon, and Zulily. They all have great return policies so you can try things on, send them back if they don’t fit.

2)    Choose a bag that suits your height

Teeny, tiny bags and tall people just don’t mix.  It creates an unflattering “Honey I Shrunk The Handbag” effect.  So I typically carry a tote-sized handbag.  Even my evening clutches tend to be bigger to complement my height.  If you must carry a smaller bag, I recommend a cross-body in a bold color or print, like this gorgeous Elizabeth and James option.  The bold colors and prints create the illusion of volume.

3)    Don’t Be Afraid of Heels

It may seem that you’re confined to flats for the rest of your life, especially if your significant other is the same height or shorter than you, but you deserve to have fun with fashion too. So, Just say yes to heels! And… designers have been showing us tall ladies some love lately, by coming out with smaller heels… like this pair from Loeffler Randall, and even flat-forms like this pair from ASOS.  You might want to think about a max heel height, though. Mine is 3 inches, so I’m not breaking the world record for tallest woman alive.

And one last thing, great style isn’t about fitting into a mold and looking like someone else.  Great style comes from owning who YOU are, holding your head up high, and knowing you are fabulous. Great style comes from confidence!

To find out more about the author, Aquila from “Haute in Texas,”  you can find her on, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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