My Tips On How To Organize A Small Closet

Maximize Your Small Closet Space

I know that closets come in all shapes and sizes. So what works in my closet, might not work in yours. But I want to give you plenty of tools and resources to organize your closet into your own little boutique-like oasis! Make sure that before you start the organizing process, you watch my closet editing video first. That is the first step in this whole closet cleanout process!

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How To Edit Your Closet, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of BusbeeStyle.com sharing her best tips for editing and purging your closet by showing some before and after photos of her organized closet in Telluride, Colorado

#1 | Gather Closet Resources

Organization Must-Haves

Just like with closet editing, you need the right supplies for closet organizing. First, make sure you have matching hangers. I prefer the clear plastic hangers (make sure you get shirt/dress hangers and pant/skirt hangers) because you can waterfall with them to save space. But many people prefer the velvet hangers. Either are great, but you can’t waterfall the velvet ones so you’ll need a waterfall hanger as well. Next, if you have a bigger closet, get a small step ladder. That way you can reach top shelves and racks more easily.


If you have limited storage, some things you might consider is under bed storage bins, open storage bins, and closed storage bins. You can use the under bed storage for off-season clothing, the open bins for things like scarves and other accessories, and closed storage bins to fold and store specific clothing like sweaters or tees.


Another thing to think about before starting this process is what you’ll do with your shoes. If you have floor to ceiling shelving (lucky you) you can display your shoes. If not, consider a shoe rack, shoe bins, or plastic boxes. You might also want boot shapers to keep your boots upright.

how to organize and edit your closet, tips for purging wardrobe, before and after photos organized small closet

#2 | Assembling Your Closet

Now that you have all of your resources and supplies, we can talk about how to actually get it all organized! I’m sharing the method I use but definitely use a system that works for you. As long as you understand your system, that’s all that matters!

Sort Clothing By Type

You can sort your clothing by type…tops, outerwear, sweaters, etc. I like to sort each type by sleeve length, but your system doesn’t need to be as detailed. For example, I have all of my sleeveless tops, then short sleeve tops, then long sleeve tops.

Sort Clothing By Color

Next, I sort by color. I go in order of the rainbow but the order of colors doesn’t matter! Whatever you like! So when I know I need a white short sleeve blouse, I can see exactly where they all are!

Items You Don’t Need To Hang! 

This is especially important if you have a small closet. Think about things that you constantly reach for but don’t necessarily need to see. For example, I fold my jeans because they are items I wear 5 days a week and don’t need to really see hanging in my closet. Tees, camisoles, and activewear are other great examples of things you can fold instead of hang…save that precious closet space!

Off-Season Item Storage

it’s critical to store off-season clothing in another space. That might be an extra closet, under your bed, in the attic, etc. Since we’re transitioning into spring/summer, store fall/winter items elsewhere!

how to organize and edit your closet, tips for purging wardrobe, before and after photos organized small closet

#3 | My Closet

If you’d like to see more footage of my organized closet and shop what I use to save space, make sure you watch the video and shop all of those organizational must-haves below.

How is the organizing process going for you? Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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