A Roundup Of The Best Instagram Posts You May Have Missed

January’s Top Instagram Posts

If you follow along on the blog and you’re not following me on Instagram…you should! I share more day to day outfits and videos. Plus, some more personal posts as well as behind the scene shots! Below, you’ll find the top, most popular Instagram posts of January and outfit details!

january top instagram post including a video about best in fashion nominee erin busbee

#1 | Exciting News!

The most popular post this month was this video about how I was nominated by rewardStyle as one of the Best In Fashion! It’s a huge honor!! There are ONLY 10 bloggers in this category. TEN. And I am one of them. I am still stunned. ???? I don’t have a zillion followers and… I am older than my fellow nominees by about a decade… but somehow I got this honor. The winners are announced this week!! If you’re unfamiliar with the Instagram shopping app, check out this post.

fashion blogger erin busbee shares her menopause journey january top instagram post featuring fashion blogger erin busbee sharing her menopause journey

#2 | Something Personal

If you missed it, I shared a very informative and personal menopause video … addressing the topics that no-one talks about. In this Instagram post and caption, I talk about the weight gain I’ve gone through and how these jeans fit me a year ago. I’m encouraging us all to remove the mystery of menopause and take control of our health…together! More outfit details here.

january top instagram post featuring fashion blogger erin busbee sharing leopard sweater

#3 | Leopard On Leopard

I share more day-to-day outfit inspiration on my Instagram account and this outfit is a perfect example. I love this super comfortable cashmere, leopard sweater, and scarf combo…. paired with waterproof wedge boots and cropped leather pants! Find more outfit details here. The length and sleeves of this sweater are SO perfect if you are petite, btw.

january top instagram post featuring fashion blogger erin busbee of sharing black puff shoulder top

#4 | Creating A Waist

This 80’s inspired look was another one of my OOTD shots! I also shared the formula for creating a waist if you have a boxy shape like me…

1. Add volume to shoulders
2. Add subtle volume to hips
3. Add a standout belt 

Shop more outfit details here.

january top instagram post featuring fashion blogger erin busbees winter style uniform

#5 | Style Uniform

You’ve all heard me talk about my style uniform and this outfit is a perfect example. A great pair of jeans, a top, and a moto jacket or blazer! It’s super easy and stylish! Shop more outfit details here.  During the chilly winter months, I wear my moto as a layering piece and wear a wool wrap coat over it.

january top instagram post featuring fashion blogger erin busbee wearing black jeans black t shirt with brown leather blazer

#6 | Style Challenge

This post is all about style challenges. I recently did a poll to find out what your biggest challenge is. And most of you said styling specific pieces in your closets like blazers. What specific pieces do you need help styling? I’d love to tailor my content to help you! Shop more outfit details here.

How to Use LikeToKnow.It app graphic explaining how to use it and the new wish list feature step by step by

Follow Me in the App + Never Miss A Look!

The App is by far the easiest and most convenient way to shop any of my looks on Instagram! Pro Tip: if you see the hashtag #Liketkit used in an Instagram caption that means the look is shoppable! But the key to ensuring you never miss a look is to follow my account within the App! Here’s how you can do exactly that:

1) Download the app
2) Tap the magnifying glass symbol at the bottom right corner of your screen
3) Type in “BusbeeStyle” in the influencer search box at the top.  You’ll see my account pop up quickly.
4) Tap my account,
5) Tap follow and you’re set!

Once you are following me, all my posts will pop up on the home screen of your LTK App… AKA “the feed.”  You can also just tap any photo of mine in the app and image product links will pop up. It’s as easy as that!

For more information about the App and how to use it check out this in-depth blog post! It’ll tell you everything you need to know to make your shopping experience both fun and easy 🙂

PS: If you want more style inspiration, you might want to order or download my Style Made Simple guide here. If you use this link to sign up for my email list, you will get 40% off the guide!

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4 thoughts on “A Roundup Of The Best Instagram Posts You May Have Missed

  1. So excited for you congratulations! You teach us a lot and Being more mature i don’t want to follow 20 something for my clothing advise. You bring so much content and grace to your blog and video’s.
    Thank you Erin

  2. Please help with Valentino belt sIze! Have Gucci in a 80/32 and wesr abOve and at wAist. Thinking 34/85 in Valentino reversiBle. RECOMMENDATIONS? Wear a 27/28jean and size 4 pants.
    Love your soCial siTes! Great advice/ideas!????

    1. I bought an 85 so I can wear it as a hipster and a waist belt. Just added two holes with my leather hole punch.

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