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Favorite Fashion Finds

I saw a similar series to this one on and thought it was amazing! There are SO many cool pieces I spot each week because I spend a ridiculous amount of time shopping. It’s funny when I think back. I remember saying when I was 25, “If only someone would pay me to shop.” Fast forward 20 years and that IS my business! Isn’t it amazing how some of the goals you put things out there… and work hard to achieve…actually come to fruition? Dreams really do come true.

I spend an average of around 4 hours, online shopping each week. Maybe more. I share some of those finds with you, but not all of those finds as I often don’t purchase these pieces. They simply might be too costly or, not something that makes sense for my lifestyle. However, they might make sense for yours!! I’m hoping that they will anyway because someone needs to wear these fabulous finds!! Maybe your life is more glam than mine!

I was also browsing Instagram this week and noticing some of my favorite YouTubers and bloggers going to Paris Fashion Week. After 5+ years in the blogging business, I still have no clue how that makes sense from a business perspective. I think these top tier influencers are paid by brands to attend, and that’s how they make it work. Maybe someday L’Oreal will hire me to attend. See…? Even at 45, I’m still putting NEW dreams out there. And, while I’m at it, I would like to create a convertible handbag… kind of like my old favorite Henri Bendel backpack. And, maybe a basics wardrobe too. Okay, I think I’m done now.

Let’s get to the goods!

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illusion sweater by Alexander Wang in camel

FIND #1 | Alexander Wang Sweater

I keep looking at this sweater and thinking … I know I can’t wear a regular bra with this and I know it’s not exactly the most practical sweater… but I LOVE IT!!!! The illusion panel is SO sexy and cool. I might have to buy it just to test it out. Alexander Wang has this over-sized longer version which would be great with skinny jeans and leggings and also cropped versions for skirts or high-rise jeans.




faux leather top in white by Nanushka

FIND #2 | Nanuska Vegan Leather Top

I finally caved and ordered this gorgeous vegan leather top in off-white by Nanushka. Remember when I talked about this Budapest-based brand in this video about leather?? I can’t wait to style this. I will most likely wear it with jeans to keep it casual, but I’m also eager to try it with my off-white silky midi skirt as well as my leopard-print midi skirt.

camel midi dress by Song of Style

FIND #3 | Camel Dress

I’ve been searching for a camel dress that I can layer under and over and this just might be the one! I just ordered it and I will keep you posted, but I’m thinking of wearing blazers over the dress and pairing it with cool tall boots like you see on the model. This dress is by Aimee Song of Song of Style. She’s one of the most successful bloggers/YouTubers.

Strapped sweater by Jonathan Simkhai in white

FIND #4 | Strapped Sweater

Here’s another piece that I inherently know is not the most practical purchase, but I can’t help that I’m in love with it! I LOVE the buckle detail on this Jonathan Simkhai sweater. The length is awesome for skinny jeans and leggings. I can also see this with a flowy dress or maxi and slouchy tall boots. You’ll be the coolest mom or grandmom in town in this sweater!!  Who is brave enough to try it??

If you are loving these finds, you will definitely enjoy my “edits” where I pick standout pieces in various categories like my blazer edit and luxe handbag edit.

Paris Texas brown croc embossed tall stiletto boots

FIND #5 | Croc-Embossed Boots

Can you stand it? Aren’t these the most gorgeous boots you’ve ever seen?? I have NO business buying stiletto tall boots and yet here I am staring longingly at these beauties. These will elevate any sweater/skirt pairing and think of how stunning they would be with a sweater dress.

Which of these five finds is YOUR favorite? If you buy one, please share in the comments below and let us know your thoughts…as well as where you wore it!!

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  1. I love your blog and although i am tall gal and a lot doesnt work for my body tyPe, your fashion tips are valuable. Lets talk about those boots for a minute. Love love love. I find as a mom who is active and over 50 with the flattest feet out there, that heals are BEAUTIFUL but not on my feet 🙁 sigh….but i do love a good bootie. Enjoy your day in one of the most BEAUTIFUL plaCes to live 😀. Keep being you. Happy holidays

  2. I’M really sad there are people insulting you on your blog. While, let’s face it, tHis is not life or deaTh work and some ppl would say it’s superficial, you are touching so many ppl’s lives! In our own Little worLds, what we wear and how we feel about ourselves wearing it, really does matter and has a huge impact on Self-esteem.

    You have DEFINITELY Helped me and my pathetic after kids’ wardrobe. I’ve Always lOved clothing but during my “birthing years” tried to convince myself that Clothing dIdn’t matter, that i should looK more mature and focus more on my babies. That just WASN’T me and after i had my 3rd son started searching for an alternative. It had been 5 years since i really cared so i didn’t know where to start. Somehow i found your blog and it changed my style and my life!! I aM so grateful for all of your tips and style suggestions. BeIng just one size smAller Than you, i can usually coUnt on Most of your picks fitting me well too. I lOve the idea of classucs with a tWist, just like you. I no longer feel Like just a mom and i feel lIke who i used to be. Thank You for All of that.

    I can’t spEak for the nay-sayers and what might be happening in their lives, but they obviously aren’t interested in what you have to say. They might just want to make someone else feel bad. please don’t let them have that Kind of control over you. There are so many of us who love the work you do! I look forward to reading and seeing more of your tips and choices. And btw, i loved the railroad track phrase. Very rElatAble. I even started checking the jeans in my closet.😊

    1. What a lovely note. Thank you so much, Danielle!! I think unhappy people lash out at whomever. It’s sad, but there’s not much I can do about it. I appreciate your support!! Erin xo

  3. Hi erin
    Im loving those boots,! I Also have no BUSINESS wearing stilletto heels, but they are gorgeous!

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