A Puff Sleeve Top So Amazing, I Bought It Twice!

I’ve always said that when you find a brand you love, stick with the brand, and buy more from them! This is true for two main reasons.   First, you know it fits you well and second, you know you like the style! The brand that I’ve been loving since last spring/summer is called Amanda Uprichard. I found her amazing statement puff sleeve top, and loved it so much that I bought it twice!

All of Amanda Uprichard’s designs fit me so well.  It’s the small details that make them so stylish, so I’m sure I’ll continue buying her clothing for years to come. Keep scrolling to see the puff sleeve top I loved so much, and how I styled each of the colors that I purchased!

puff sleeve black Amanda Uprichard Neveah blouse, statement sleeve top fashion blogger outfit with white jeans on beach

puff sleeve Amanda Uprichard Neveah black blouse, statement sleeve v-neck top worn white jeans

puff sleeve Amanda Uprichard Neveah black blouse, statement sleeve v-neck top worn white jeans


#1 | Black Puff Sleeve Blouse

This top was so nice, I bought it twice! I love the v-wire and ruching around the bust. It’s so sexy and it’s supportive enough that you don’t have to wear a bra! I also love the puff sleeves… Remember, I like drama in my clothes, not my life! 😉  I originally bought this black version for my trip to the Bahamas and styled it with white flare jeans and black studded flat sandals. See how I styled the beige color below…

Shop more by Amanda Uprichard here & here.
More Amanda Uprichard tops here.

Amanda uprichard puff sleeve top, best puff sleeve top, amanda uprichard, erin bsubee


#2 | Beige Puff Sleeve Blouse

I styled the beige version, basically the same way with white flared jeans and espadrille wedges. But I’ve also worn it with dark wash skinny jeans and my Valentino sandals. For my honest review of the Valentino sandals, make sure you check out this post. This color is currently sold out but keeps going in and out of stock. So if you see your size, grab it! It also comes in pink…which would be perfect for spring/summer! If you’re looking for a more affordable option that’s very similar, then this top is great.

More Amanda Uprichard Tops

What are some of your go-to brands? Let me know in the comments below!

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One thought on “A Puff Sleeve Top So Amazing, I Bought It Twice!

  1. Hi Erin,
    I just love reading your story and like the PICTUREs you put on your site. I think your amazing and its nice that you share your private and personal life with us. I found you on utube when I was working at a Native American Jewelry Store in Northern Arizona. I enjoyed your videos so much, especially in wintertime when business was slow. Your videos kept me from being bored for 8 HOURS on slow season. I do love ur 2 videos of your homes. I wanted to thank you for uplifting my spirits watching your videos and reading YOUR life and current stories on your website.
    You asked if anybody needed anything and I could use a laptop or something to get online. Maybe u know of someone who has a extra computer they are not using and have no need for it or bought a new one. I lost my DAD to cancer and my sisters and I are still dealing with the winter FLOOD that destroyed most EVerything in the HOUSE and it was a 90 percent loss. I am staying temporary in Phoenix with one of my SISTERS and lost most of everything I own. I have A little android TABLEt that is going out or crashing. I am eventually trying to get my life together and get on my own AGAIN. I made very little money at that native american store and watched over Dad. I eventually want to go to school and need a computer for school. My students would always tell me to be an Architect. I did love my college students and professionals when I worked at the engineering and Architect Board until my employers got rid of me and never knew why. I guess I was destined to watch over Dad when he got cancer and stay in Holbrook. I’m slowly trying to get my life on track again but its hard with this virus. My two sisters and I don’t leave the house at all. One has to go in the office and is working from home. It makes it hard to do anything since her house is made for two people and is kind of small. I lost my house when I lost my job after 15 YEARS. The programs WERE not available then for me to save my HOUSE. I am still devastated to this day about my house I worked so hard to get. Anyways, I am at my sisters until this virus goes away. My two sisters are scared to go around people and my little sister can’t come to the house. I really don’t have a home to go to but trying to work on it from my sister’s house. Its hard to do anything without a computer. We have all OUR grocery food DElivered to the HOUSe.
    I like the first purse cause you can put an UMBRElla and cell phone in the purse. Good job of designing a purse.
    Thank you for your time and your inspiritation.
    Monica HICKS

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