My Easy & Affordable Secrets for a Youthful Looking Décolletage

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When you’re sick of wearing turtlenecks

A More Youthful Looking Décolletage

Two birthdays ago, my husband gave me a 5-pack of Costco reading glasses. What he considered romantic and thoughtful – I considered a depressing reminder that my previously perfect 20/20 vision was taking a rapid, age-related nosedive. Happy Birthday indeed. Listen, I know that as each birthday passes, there are things we can’t avoid (including crummy eyesight).   But fortunately, a crepe-y looking neck and chest isn’t one of them.  The fragile, delicate skin on your neck can be one of the first places to show those telltale signs of aging. But with proper care and attention – and a few tips from me – you’ll be well on your way to a more youthful looking décolletage. Of course, there’s always cute jewelry since nothing distracts quite like a cool necklace, pendant or diamonds! (If anyone’s curious, I didn’t divorce the hubs. But I did swap out those readers for some modern specs from Eyebobs!)

Here are some top picks for protecting, smoothing and tightening your skin for a more youthful looking décolletage. If you need a refresher on exfoliation, read my recent post here. It’s important! You might also be interested in reading about Erin’s journey Three Ways to Tighten Neck Skin!

I’m super interested to know what works for you, so definitely let me know. As the unofficial Busbee beauty guinea pig – if there is a product or treatment you’re curious about, ask away!

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WOW Factor Products

Years ago, a dermatologist friend gave me probably the best skincare advice ever. She said to sleep on my back (actually, she said “assume a vampire sleeping pose”) and use a satin pillowcase. Doing both she said, would prevent certain wrinkles from forming – specifically the crease between my breasts. Today, while I do have some spots on my chest (let’s blame spring break 1992), I’ve been pretty lucky otherwise. I try to keep a stable weight and also not strain over laptops or smartphones.
SIO Wrinkle Rescue Pack
WOW. These silicone pads provide moisture and hydration along with compression that helps flatten existing lines and prevents new ones from forming.
Silk Pillowcase
Light Salon Boost LED
Ok, so this isn’t cheap. But you know how I feel about a LED light, which is proven to be HIGHLY effective at reducing wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and boosting collagen. This tool is specifically designed for your neck and chest area. And it’s so, so popular, it sells out fast.


I’m a broken record on the sunscreen front. No amount of skincare products or treatments are worth your time or money if you’re not willing to forego the sun with daily sunscreen of SPF 40 or greater. I don’t care if it’s raining or if you’re wearing a turtleneck sweater, get into the habit of applying sunscreen to your face, neck and chest (décolletage) every single day. Every single day. No exceptions. I mean it. Every single day. Keep in mind that sunscreens formulated for the face and body basically differ in consistency and ingredients. (The thicker skin on the body needs and tolerates thicker formulas and stronger chemicals.)
Revive Soleil Broad Spectrum Sunscreen
Just got this and it's a winner!
Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench
Clean choice!
Kiehl’s Super Fluid SPF 50
Very hydrating. Seems to 'fill in' those tiny lines.


Just like the skin on your face, your décolletage needs a boost in cell turnover with regular exfoliation. An exfoliant removes the dead skin cells sitting on the surface that can make your skin look uneven, dull, or cause breakouts, and reveals the glowing skin underneath. There’s no need to buy special products – just use the same scrub, AHAs, or glycolic acids that you’re (hopefully) already using on your face. Commit to 2-3X per week, and you’re sure to see an improvement.
Drunk Elephant Babyfacial
Since you need to leave this on for 20 minutes, I would apply it BEFORE showering (yep, you have to wait it out but it’s worth it).
Glamglo Super Toner Exfoliating Acid
Easy, easy.
PMD Clean Body with SonicGlow Technology
Super intrigued by this new tool which offers 7,000 vibrations per minute to lift, firm and tone the skin (currently in my shopping cart!)


Another one of my broken record sayings, but if you don’t already use a retinol product, get going! Honestly, nothing’s better for long-term results. Again, I use a prescription-strength Retin-A. But you can still benefit from over-the-counter retinol products. Always apply on the neck just as you do on your face. The skin on your chest is a little thicker, so don’t scrimp.
Colleen Rothschild Retinol Supreme
This is Erin's favorite line!
Paula’s Choice Retinol Skin Soothing Body Treatment
Designed specifically for the body, this is a great value too.
RoC Deep Wrinkle Night Cream
A proven brand and product, this RoC retinol cream works beautifully - super hydrating for smoother, firmer, more radiant-looking skin.
Francine Harris
Meet Francine, our self-described skin care and beauty junkie. As a 40-something Southern California native, Francine is a firm believer in the power of sunscreen and a gorgeous nude lip. She’s an AKT Fitness owner and hi-tech marketing communications consultant by day and mom to three high-energy, testosterone-driven boys by night (hence her preference for red wine with an ice cream chaser).

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