A friend recently asked me about winter boots. She said she needed something that was reasonably fashionable, but definitely functional in the snow, sleet, ice and salt.  If you live in “the north” (written like a true southerner ;))… you don’t need fair weather boots. No, no, no. These are not practical. You need the no-fooling-arounders. The ones you bust out when there is serious snow outside. I understand your plight. I grew up in “Snowtown USA”… aka… Watertown, NY. (For real, that’s an honorary title.) I remember burrowing tunnels in the snowbanks, building snow forts that were several feet high and lasted for weeks and making snowmen the size of real people. Yup, I know snow… and I know how to dress for it!  I should clarify, you are not going to win any style awards wearing my picks, but I guarantee your feet will stay dry, warm and you still look cute.

Here are my picks for the most FUNCTIONAL and FASHIONABLE snow boots:


Let me tell you something, if you need to protect your tootsies from the cold and snow, Sorel is it! It’s a Canadian company (of course) and they make amazing snow boots. These are the most serious of the snow boots. Click images to buy


This is another Canadian company, but you probably figured that out. These are not quite as protective as the Sorels, but they offer a little more on the “Fashion” side. I own a pair of these and use them when we travel to Colorado in the winter. Click images to buy.

These are waterproof, but not sure how warm they are.

Again, not the sexiest boot in town, but waterproof and functional


Another Canadian company (shocker) is Aquatalia. These are the most fashionable of the bunch, but may require some water-proofing. These boots are all lined on the inside to help keep your feet warm. They also have rubber soles to keep you safe in the snow and ice. These would be perfect city walking boots. Click on images to buy.

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