Pastel Handbags | For Every Budget


One simple and affordable way you can add some ‘spring’ to your wardrobe…

Pick up a chic, pastel handbag!

Pastel looks fresh against all white or color-blocked with another lovely pastel, or complementary shade.

I bought a pale pink cross-body/clutch from TopShop (above), which is unfortunately sold out, but I have given you many options to choose from below for every budget.

I know wearing pastel may seem a bit scary to some of you… as you are likely worried it will wash you out, or is too ‘sweet.’ If you are having reservations… a handbag is the perfect place to start!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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To watch a video about wearing pastel colors CLICK HERE

(taped weeks after I had my daughter so I am easily 20 pounds heavier)

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Few things excite me as much as women doing extraordinary things.

When I meet one I always feel compelled to share their story of accomplishment.

Susan Todd, Bolingo Bags

Susan Todd is the latest.

In her ‘retirement’ she decided she needed something more to fill her time (traveling around the world wasn’t enough. :)) So, this savvy businesswoman on her hunt for a new hobby started designing handbags.  Not exactly what most of us would do if we had more time in a day.

Fast forward a few years  and Susan Todd has built a renown Texas handbag business called, Bolingo Bags.  (Bolingo means love in the Congo’s Lingala language)

She uses only the finest exotic skins for her stunning bags (same as Hermes)…think ostrich and crocodile in bold colors mixed with neutrals like brown and black.

Perfect for the Texas woman with discerning taste in handbags.