How To Edit & Organize Your Closet (Plus, Louis Vuitton Giveaway!)


The most frustrating thing in the morning besides the alarm going off… is trying to find stuff, like the other shoe… or that damn, black cami!
Let’s stop that madness, save you some time and aggravation… and get organized together!
I know it’s an overwhelming project, and you’d probably rather pull your finger nails out, but don’t panic, I’m going to walk you through it.

First, you should watch my VIDEO above.

Done? Okay, now you should watch the VIDEO below.



Now…that you’ve watched both of those…Let’s talk mind games.
While you are editing. Your clever mind will try to find ways to keep crap.
You’ll hear yourself saying one or more of the following:

– Everything comes back in style. (True, but usually there is a new twist.)
– I spent a lot of money on that. (Great, but you never wear it. Let someone else enjoy it. Consign it!)
– I like it, but I don’t know how to wear it. (You probably don’t wear it, because it’s not your style or it doesn’t fit right.)
– It reminds me of my trip to Paris. (I suggest keeping sentimental pieces stored in a separate place)

Yup, I know all of your tricks. So keep that inner hoarder at bay, and let’s get down to business.

Grab about 100 pieces in your closet and put them on a rolling rack (like this one), and ask yourself the following questions.

1. No more than ONE size up or down.

This is the toughest one for us ladies, if it is more than 1 size up or down from your current size…get rid of it. Clients will plead with me to keep their “skinny jeans,” pledging to get back into them someday. Listen, I know you will get there someday too. But, having them hang in your closet as a constant reminder of the fact that you haven’t reached your goal is…depressing! Think about it. A daily reminder of how skinny you used to be. Get rid of them. And when you DO get skinnier, go shopping!

2. Is it damaged?

Is your sweater faded or balled up? Has your white shirt, yellowed? Does your t-shirt have holes in it? Purge the things that look old. If you think they look old, others will too. If you notice stains, put them aside in your cleaning or dry cleaning pile.

3. Have I worn it in the last 2 years?

If you haven’t worn a garment in two years, you’re not going to wear it.
The exceptions are special occasion dresses (assuming you might actually wear them again), and I suggest holding onto cashmere, leather and/or suede, unless it is very dated.

4. Do I look cute in this?

Just because a piece is new…or it still fits you after all these years, doesn’t mean you should be wearing it. If you don’t feel cute wearing it, donate it.




When you are finished EDITING…it’s time to ORGANIZE.

1. Invest in matching hangers

I tell clients to buy 100 shirt/dress hangers for every 3 feet of hanging space on your rack. It’s an investment, but it’s SO worth it!

2. Sort by type

That means, hang sleeveless shirts together, short sleeve next, long sleeve last. Group blazers together. Keep skirts and pants separated. You get the idea!

3. Sort by color

Use a system that works for you. I like organizing light to dark and I use the rainbow as a guide, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, etc.

4. Store off-season

Keep off season clothes, shoes in another space and free your closet up so you can really see everything you have.
If you have a really large walk-in closet and you can keep everything in one place, put off-season things in the back.

Phew! We’re almost done.
Now, you just have to get rid of your garbage, donate the clothes that are still wearable and go back through and see what might be missing…

But that can be a project for another day.

I know this is a serious project, but when you are done…and your closet looks great…and it doesn’t stress you out anymore…and it’s easy to find stuff…

It will be SO worth it!!


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