These 4 Easy Tips Will Help You Get (And Stay!) Organized In 2023

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Get Your Ducks In A Row

If spandex could talk, my workout leggings would shriek that they’re stretched to the max. So, like many, getting into a regular workout routine is top of mind for my wellness goals in 2023. But there are other wellness resolutions on my list too. Organization for one! You may not think being organized contributes to a healthy state of well-being, but if you are Type A like me, oh it can! I get a calming sense when everything is in its place. I blame this on my college roommate who had a bin and a basket for EVERYTHING (thanks Lisa). Getting started is the first hurdle. It can seem overwhelming. Breaking down a game plan into manageable pieces might help you to tackle some organizational projects. If you can focus on these 4 primary areas, you’ll be on your way to orderly bliss.

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Getting Started

The first step to get and stay organized is to declutter. Whether you edit your closet, the graveyard of beauty supplies taking up residence under your bathroom sink, or toss outdated spices in your pantry, decluttering will give you less to organize. Clear out the riffraff. And, not sure who needs to hear this but it’s okay to throw away your iPhone box! For more tips, keep scrolling…

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#1 | Clutter-Free Closet

Closets always seem to need biannual organizing. Last January, I finally made the switch from plastic and wooden hangers to 100% velvet, no-slip hangers and gained about 30% more hanging room in my closet. The slim profile of these hangers really makes a difference. The uniformity is aesthetically pleasing and now my clothes aren't all smashed together. You can either get hangers with the pant/skirt clips too or buy the velvet clips separately. I also bought these shelf dividers to keep my sweaters and t-shirts organized and not hanging. I like to store my handbags upright using purse shapers or even packing materials I collect from deliveries. Purses are an investment worth protecting!
Velvet No-Slip Hangers
Velvet No-Slip Pant Hangers
Velvet Hanger Clips
Closet Shelf Dividers
Handbag Shaper

#2 | Organized Drawers

Opening a drawer to find stacks of makeup, socks, underwear, or jewelry in a jumbled mess certainly doesn't lend itself to calm or orderly. Drawer organizers keep things neat, but also allow you to see everything you own, making it easier and faster to get ready in the morning. I use these plastic trays for makeup, and the dividers for lingerie, workout gear, and socks. It's not an elaborate step but it makes a big difference! I'm on the hunt for a new, large jewelry armoire and found one very similar to the one I've had for over 20 years. Linked that one and a smaller option as well.
21 Piece Drawer Organizer
Bamboo Drawer Dividers
Honeycomb Drawer Divider
Large Jewelry Armoire
Stella Jewelry Box

#3 | Maximize Under Sink Real Estate

If you have that awkward piping under your bathroom sink, it can be a challenge to maximize that space with organization, but these thin storage units are just the right size and hold a LOT of products. Make sure you measure for a perfect fit. I have two of the slim versions - one on each side of the pipe. Towels take up a lot of room and if you don't have a linen closet in your bathroom, this ladder storage is both pretty and functional.
Two Tier Slim Storage Rack
Three Tier Slide Out Drawer Organizer
Ladder Floor Storage Unit

# 4 | Orderly Kitchen

The problem with an unorganized fridge or pantry is that when you can't see your food items, they can easily go bad and go to waste. These clear bins keep everything in sight, and they are easy to clean. The airtight food containers keep your food fresher for longer and save space too. I'm embarrassed to say I took a hard look at my silverware organizer last week in prep for this post and while I'm not sure why something that holds CLEAN silverware could be so dirty, it was time to spruce that up. I linked an expandable one here that would also be great for a desk drawer.
Refrigerator Organizer Bins
Set of 8 Refrigerator & Pantry Bins
Airtight Food Storage Containers
Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizer
Expandable Silverware Organizer
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