Wall Art Under $100? Yes, And It’s Beautiful!

Give Your Walls Some Love

In general, art is a very personal and subjective choice. Staring at the “right” something on the wall each day can actually have a positive impact on your mood. So, choosing the perfect wall art for your home or space is important but, you don’t want to be paralyzed by this decision!  Sure you’ll want to give more consideration to statement artwork in “important spaces” in your home like over the fireplace, your entryway, or maybe in a formal dining area. Those spots are great for one-of-a-kind originals or splurge pieces. But you still need something for those “less important” areas like powder rooms, bedrooms, kids’ areas, etc. In this post, you’ll find several budget-friendly options for those walls that have been empty for months (years?) and are just waiting for a little love.

Maybe you are looking to create your own artwork? If a DIY project is your jam, then you should definitely check out this post.

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Choosing Wall Art

Before you start your journey to finding the perfect wall art for your space, here are a few tips to keep in mind…

  1. First, not every wall actually needs art! Having a blank space for your eye to rest is really important from a design perspective. You don’t want to overcrowd the room.
  2. Older art sometimes just needs a facelift. You can repurpose wall art you already have and love by reframing it or just painting the existing frame.
  3. Make sure the size of your wall art is proportional to your space. A tiny little framed piece over a large sofa will look lost…and lonely!
  4. There’s nothing wrong with large canvases but framed canvas artwork will always look more finished and expensive.
  5. When looking at a piece of artwork online or in-store, think first…how does it make you feel? If it makes you feel happy, peaceful, inspired, or joyful…it’s the right piece for you!

You can shop any of the pieces above by clicking on the corresponding number. And, as promised, each is under $100!


Wall art, budget-friendly wall art, modern wall art, abstract wall art, wall art under $100, large wall art, wall art sets, cheap wall art, inexpensive wall art, Erin Busbee, fashion blogger over 40, telluride, co

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Wall Art Sets

I love a matching set! Consider art sets for smaller areas, like bathrooms, and powder rooms. A coordinating set in smaller spaces can help make that space look more cohesive. But, that doesn’t mean these duos won’t also look beautiful in a bedroom, family room, or hallway! A few of these sets can be hung either vertically or horizontally in your space…who doesn’t love options??

Landscapes, abstract art, neutral tones, classic prints, what is your art preference? I love coastal art but I’m pretty much “all of the above”. To get blog posts like this one delivered to our inbox and gain access to exclusive style content and resources, be sure to sign up for the newsletter here (if you haven’t already!)

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