The 5 Positive Things You Don’t Know About Menopause

The 5 Positive Things You Don’t Know About Menopause

Society has historically viewed menopause as something to be avoided or dreaded. While the journey through perimenopause and menopause can be rough at times, once you’re there, it can be a time for celebration.

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Stable Hormones

Without mood swings, energy levels and desires don’t ebb and flow as much. This stability can lead to meeting personal goals more easily. When we don’t have as many moments of self-doubt, we can achieve more.

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More Energy For Life

Once the symptoms of perimenopause have eased, many women find they have a lot more energy. We can become unstoppable powerhouses. With our energy skyrocketing, menopausal women are ready to evaluate where they are in their lives.

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More Empowerment

Our empowerment can manifest in different ways. We don’t fear cultivating our style, embracing our sexuality, or finally ending toxic relationships.

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Better Self-Care

One of the main reasons women say they don’t follow or stick with a self-care routine is lack of time. In many ways, menopause can come at a point in life when we have more opportunity, time and desire to take better care of ourselves.

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Bonding With Other Women

Reaching menopause is a milestone. When you get there, you start finding other women who are there too. It helps to be able to have people who understand what you’re going through. They’re in the trenches with you.

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